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Do you want to become a mod (Only thoughts)

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  • Do you want to become a mod (Only thoughts)

    For me, no

    I know I cannot become a mod and I don't want to, because I am moody most of the time and I hate everyone and the community

    The main reason is that I don't want to receive spam or surrounded by idiotic 12 years old that won't stop yelling OMG to mods for no reason
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    Me everyday.
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      im not helpful enough

      im mostly just in my jammed worlds farming cause i dont like human interaction

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        I used to; I guess people think I still do. Pretty much if you’re helpful on the forums you’re gonna be labeled as a mini mod. Honestly I do what I can to help or make players feel welcomed. I don’t try at all because it’s just who I am if you met me face to face you’ll understand. I’m mostly just focusing on my goals in game that I haven’t finished. Mod or not it’s not gonna stop me from making a difference in the community because it makes somebody’s day at least and I don’t need anybody else to know because it’s just the feeling you get inside that makes me happy.
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          No, but when I see people spamming or scamming sometimes I think “being a mod right now would be nice”. Long term, most likely not.
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            Not mod but lead designer. Damn I want to design a cool update, but I don't want to monitor 12-year olds. That's for babysitter Solorien.
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              I do, i believe i would have so much fun banning casinos again and again.

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                No but im going to be a mod when i dont want to even though im faking and im actually honest, in all seriousness yes even though deep inside me its a no, perhaps i could be but nonethess im sure i will, on second thought, maybe no and it will be yes
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                  YEAH, I WANT TO BE A MODERATOR!


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                    I used to. But now I don't want to be a mod because being a moderator requires hard work, not just banning scammers and casinos. You must be a good role model to the community and always follow the rules. Their job is too hard for me.
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                      If I had time then maybe.

                      I can't become a mod because I still go to school and have no time to moderate.
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                        Half, i want to make sure the game is good, but yet i don't want to get the whole thing like people keep messaging you useless stuff
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                          I used to when I was 12 but now im like half cause there are times where I feel so much can be done at a certain time if im a mod,but I don't like being responsible for everything too
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                            Be a mod? Meh no...
                            Resposibility isnt my middle name.
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                            Just to suffer?


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                              Originally posted by Mc. Zane View Post
                              If I had time then maybe.

                              I can't become a mod because I still go to school and have no time to moderate.
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