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    Is this a good investment? Maybe? Probably? I don’t know!?
    This is a common question and response seen in our never ending pursuit of wealth in this game of economy. It’s no surprise the average player finds it hard to gauge what is a good investment or not. You have price manipulators, silenced trade worlds, developers deploying new game-changing updates with little warning. Never mind judging if it will rise, can we, as a single player, accurately judge the price? The answer is no.

    Thus, our team decided to create this website. Growstocks.
    By meticulously recording prices, and placing it in our own specialized algorithm, prices show up as a graph, depicting the history of the rise and fall of items. This allows you, the user, to decide for yourself the future of the item’s pricing, and make the best decision on buying your product.

    About the Page

    Finding your way around the site

    How we retrieve our prices

    Staff applications

    The Discord bot

    Social platforms and updates!

    Plans for future

    ~ GrowStocks Team

    To note:
    - This is a modified repost of the old GrowStocks thread.
    - Future updates and/or news will be posted here.
    - Should anyone insult GrowStocks in this thread, we won't bother fighting but will directly report to the Guardians.
    - We are open to constructive criticism. Shoot us as much suggestions as you want! But never insult or try to destroy us.
    - Should you have any question we will do our best to help you.
    - Some prices may be outdated on the website due to the huge amount of items in game. It is a promise that hot items will always be up-to-date though.

    Today's daily quest is:
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    This summer, GrowStocks will be receiving a mega-update.
    More information about what will happen will soon be posted in a spoiler in the original post!


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      Matteu is back, and he began working on the new theme!
      (Expect per event themes too!)


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        We already have some previews of the new theme!
        Click image for larger version

Name:	idk_***_im_doin.PNG
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	options.PNG
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          Guess what?
          In the summer update, GrowStocks will have a great new addition and it's called "Live price"
          If an item's price is really unstable, editors will be able to edit the item very frequently (each minute), and the prices will be pushed live onto the visitor's page


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            That was unexpected!

            That really was unexpected! Yesterday, FanGhost told us that GrowStocks actually saved him from overpaying!
            Yes, someone wanted to sell him a Hypertech Multi-Jet Energy Pulser for 720 WLs, with 7 of their friends helping making it real. But luckily, he checked the real price of that item with the GrowStocks bot (which is 1-2/wl)
            GrowStocks is glad to have helped with preventing such scams!
            Here is the link of his video:


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              It's your chance to get the feature you always wanted on GrowStocks to be created!
              Yes! We'll be picking all of the useful suggestions and feature requests, and attempt to implement them in the website!

              Suggest, suggest, and suggest!

              [Please don't post useless stuff]


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                Coming up in summer for discord servers:

                - Daily quest updates delivered to a special channel in your server!
                - Subscribe to price updates for items you pick! Those updates will be delivered to a special channel you set.


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                  Bump (10 Chars) reeeeeeeee

                  The Online Stock Market


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                    Daily quest image auto-update has been launched!
                    (For security purposes [CloudFlare], you have to visit so Cloudflare can verify you're not a bot before you can view the image)


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                      Did you know?

                      We post the daily quest items daily to our instagram and twitter!

                      Twitter: @InvestmentGt

                      We also got our API request approved by twitter! Expect frequent tweets because we can now tweet directly from our discord bot! Be sure to follow those accounts for daily updates!



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                        Oh! Do I hear set planner?
                        Will GrowStocks have a set planner this summer?

                        Exact! With a collaberation from Phemus, we'll make that happen!


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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	i enjoy.png
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                            Did you know?

                            Our marketplace will receive a huge update which will being buyer/seller conversation without the need of signing up!


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                              Re-opening thread upon request.