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Drop your UNWANTED trash items here!

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  • Drop your UNWANTED trash items here!

    Tired of getting trash pranked or your inventory is always full? Well fret not! Because TRASHVALLEY is the place for you to throw your UNWANTED ITEMS away! You can throw any items would you think it's useless to you. Blocks, Wallpapers, Consumables and Clothing are all acceptable to be thrown away! You can throw as many as you want but don't end up clicking the wrong item that you chose not too because it won't be compensated.

    Where and what are those items will be used for? Those items will be used for materials needed to make a world. You might have a question in your mind about this 'YoU EnSlaVeD uS jUst t0 gEt fREe sTuFfs aNd evEntUallY maKe iT WOTD aNd Pr0fit iT!'. Well, I'm not that kind of person. To me, this game is about building, letting people enjoy the world and not sell the world for a reasonable price. If you feel skeptical, just don't donate it. Choices are in your hands anyway!

    I specifically made this world because people are continuously trashing and recycling. They even trash those amazing blocks that they feel like it's nothing. So if you want to drop your trash, feel free to come to TRASHVALLEY! With that, thank you for your unstanding!

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    I cant drop myself (2)

    Maximum Purchase personal setting

    Suggestion box with many items


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      Originally posted by Corrects View Post
      I cant drop myself (2)
      Haha, there is a dump there if you wished.


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          yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i got alot of like rare stuff which I feel ad just recycling so i would feel better giving them to someone!
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