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Real Talk abt growtopia and its language barriers

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    Almost half (or maybe even more) are indo kids who probably can't speak very much english and if they're like six then you can't exactly expect them to know a ton of english or be able to rapidly become fluent. Instead, maybe instead of always expecting others to change to fit your needs and expectations, maybe you should also try and learn a bit. I've picked up on a bit of indo (definitely not enough to hold a full conversation, but enough to buy/sell with them), and it's really helped a lot. Most people in primarily english speaking countries are only monolingual, and that has a lot of barriers not just in games and such, but in the real world too when you're talking to a customer who barely knows any english, or trying to negotiate a trade deal, which is why I personally have been learning four extra non required languages (our high school only needs you to be fluent in english and take one more foreign language)
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      Indonesian little kids.. The people I absolutely don't like for these reasons:

      They CONSTANTLY ask for donations.
      REALLY toxic
      the most part of autofarmers are little indonesian kids that don't know what it means to autofarm, so they say "Me use autoklik no autofarm".
      They think that the whole world knows their weird language, so they decide to speak it instead of English.
      Really annoying when I for example sell anything, they start to speak in their weird language that I can't understand.

      Not racist, but that's how I experience them.

      Indonesian people over 15 are cool though, since they speak somewhat understandable English, etc.


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        it doesn't help that some indonesians don't even understand other indonesians sometimes due to different translating is also pretty hard since they usually talk with mostly slangs and shortened words

        source : i speak malay and you could say that it is indeed a "dialect" of indonesian
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        I totally wasn't looking at what you had on your task bar, but osu? Nice.

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          Most of them are children, wait about a year or less and the trend will die. Trust me, Indos is just playing trending games and if the trend dies they just leave it like it was nothing.
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            Originally posted by BigBadStrelok View Post
            Most of them are children, wait about a year or less and the trend will die. Trust me, Indos is just playing trending games and if the trend dies they just leave it like it was nothing.
            Are you serious? If that was the case, there wont be many indo playing this game by now
            The game has been trending/popular since 2013 at Indonesia
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            Protects the rights of ancestral seed
            THEY BUFFED IT 2X

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            That's a really awesome item! Great work!
            Well then, add that thing!

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            Leone Abbacchio your back!!!


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              Ubisoft can promote the game to specific regions which in return can bring many English speaking players. Speaking in a different language shouldn't be illegal. The staff team didn't rewrite START and STOPDONTDROP for no reason.
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                Originally posted by PotatoFrozen View Post
                I’m not even trying to discriminate but talking in a language I don’t understand all the time is disrespectful, sure you may be horrible at English and it’s embarrassing but I was the same, if not worst when I first started playing.
                At least if you’re trying to trade in a public world try and speak in English so that people around you don’t feel bad.

                Most online games have a rule of not speaking another language in chats, so something like that should be implemented to maybe the broadcasting system so that it isn’t filled with other languages.
                yeah. Pretty sure saw an SB in indonesian selling accounts, zeus 2dl focus 3dl or something like that. Those accounts are definitely hacked.
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                Originally posted by Seth
                Update: I listened to TIMEONI (nice song..)
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                "Hey we just let all your private data get leaked, sorry about that. Now buy our IAP!"
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                and yet again growtopians surpass the known limit to collective autism


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                  So I think we need growtopia interface in other languages as well. (like choose game language english, bahasa indonesia, suomi, deutsch, espanol, francais, etc)
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                    Or just different servers so that

                    Asia has one server, can't access the other servers.

                    Europe & U.S & the rest of the world has one big server.


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                      Originally posted by HugeLock View Post
                      Or just different servers so that

                      Asia has one server, can't access the other servers.

                      Europe & U.S & the rest of the world has one big server.
                      There will be less players per server
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                        Part of the reason I quit, NO I DONT WANT TO "GASS KOY APA ANJING"
                        And no, I dont JUAL my AKUN BEB


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                          I really hate it when an Indo comes in front of me and speaks Indo, thinking that I would understand
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                            Well, it could just be a trend there. Remember in 2013 there were a LOT of Korean and Singaporean players? They're still here but I think the number went down drastically. So we just have to wait and see what happens.

                            also please don't kill me I just don't see alot of them anymore, and I COULD be wrong.

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                              They can already communicate with ease, but having a couple keyboard language modes would be cool.
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                                Don't think of it as a barrier. Think of it as an opportunity to learn. I doubt that the amount of indonesian players will decrease significantly any time soon, so I suggest trying to learn the basics, like that one guy already translated a few words, which can actually be quite useful, and maybe if you have any indonesian friends who you speak english with, surprise them and show them that you care and try to interact a little in indonesian. Wouldn't hurt...
                                Thinking about you.