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  • Growtopia exotic pets

    So, just a general question, out of all gt pets which are the most "exotic"? By that I don't mean just rarely used, I mean thoes that you barely see and make people ask "*** is that?"

    From the top of my head:
    Bob the gross blob
    Lil sheepers
    Mini mallard
    Tumbleweed attractor
    Mini Peng (which I'm using currently)

    If theres any I'm missing pls tell me. I'm on a hunt to collect werid exotic items.

    To get a idea of how rare I'm talking, I've seen more legendary dragons then lil sheepers. In fact I've seen roughly 1 lil sheepers

    Grossout event items are underrated, eyes on stalks are a masterpiece.

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    please add pet Cougar in game.


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        I've got all cotd leashes+clockwork fish leash and its kinda strange most of them can be easily found but specifically firefin and mutant fish are impossible to find.

        And I completely forgot toy locke bot existed. I guess it takes the spot as most exotic pet.

        Grossout event items are underrated, eyes on stalks are a masterpiece.


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          Zorbnik leash, bride of reanimator remote.
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            Originally posted by ooopsi View Post
            Zorbnik leash, bride of reanimator remote.
            I’ve never seen a Zorbnik Leash for a long time.
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              Retro Magnifying Glass


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                Pet Toucan if we're talking about the recent items.
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                  Looming triffid
                  Grumpy pine
                  Pineapple finger ring
                  Pet rhinoceros


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                    Nobody here mentions Durt Pet and his pal Rocky The Pet Rock.

                    So I did
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                      Pet egg
                      (Not a pet but) Riding axolotl(fiesta/normal)
                      Frankenstein/bride of Frankenstein
                      Any kite
                      Again idk if this is a leash but stick horse
                      Pet unicorn
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                        Zerkon's helmet pet, Starship
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                        Originally posted by Aleksis St
                        Protects the rights of ancestral seed
                        THEY BUFFED IT 2X

                        Originally posted by Odric
                        That's a really awesome item! Great work!
                        Well then, add that thing!

                        Originally posted by Oma357
                        Leone Abbacchio your back!!!