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Is ban evading so simple?

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  • Is ban evading so simple?

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you guys are having an awesome day! The story goes like this, I met a hacker in the game -removed- I know Ubistaff/moderators do not take insta pictures, etc. seriously but just hear me out. The fake Gaillfreyo was banned by Sabaei in the picture for impersonation (Ubistaff/moderators you can verify with Sabaei). A few hours later, i was chilling in the world AIMSTER. I met the same hacker. His GrowID is SeaMCD. So I'm wondering if ban evading is so simple.

    Thanks for reading, folks.

    Emphera and 7075 was there. I think they witnessed it as well.

    Edit: The hacker could "float" in worlds too.
    Edit: In the picture, Sabaei changed the name "Gaillfreyo" to "Pokekidfan123".
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    I don't know...
    I have never and will never try such things...

    It must've been very weird to witness a player's GrowID got changed in front of your eyes lol.
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      Originally posted by Preseted View Post
      I don't know...

      I have never and will never try such things...
      Haha. This thread is specially for Ubistaff/moderators. Glad to know.
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        how do you "ban evade"?
        i honestly have no knowledge in this,
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        Originally posted by Nostos
        yes please.... +1


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          Originally posted by Entho View Post
          how do you "ban evade"?
          i honestly have no knowledge in this,
          Like, when you've been banned and yet still can enter the fields of Growtopia...
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            Ban evading is illegal.


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              Yes, yes it is

              Best thing you'll ever see

              Rare live footage of a Forumer posting

              No Hacks Required. Just possibly a game-breaking glitch.
              Keep getting hacked? Try


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                some people from the darker side of the community are saying that gt is implementing a tighter security to prevent ban bypass
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                  pc users use a program called tmac which is changing your computer mac address which is useful at some points

                  some youtuber just show how to unban yourself so easy and gress what? so damn easy

                  android is easy, use vpn and thats it

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                    Bumpity Bump. Wanna collect some of your thoughts.
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                      11 fast steps and you're done (thank you Google!)


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                        Actually it is. There are a lot of VPN and Proxy changing programs that such people use. It shouldn't be hard to catch them for those who has access to logs or are familiar with IP addresses and how they work. I think that most of people know how hard it is to catch a ban evader in a different kind of game and how easy it is to ban evade.

                        Well one thing is certain, they will never have time to play without fear of being caught by moderators.
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                          Originally posted by Astigmatisme View Post
                          some people from the darker side of the community are saying that gt is implementing a tighter security to prevent ban bypass
                          I personally suggest that they make the support lines faster first, or set it as a better priority (I'm aware of the recent forum post about support, just saying this as a support statement)

                          Because if some players get auto-banned on mistake by a glitch or something, they would basically be missing long hours of playing Growtopia because of a false ban. While the current reply speed is astounding, I'm sure it'll still suck for others who for example, get banned during an event such as the Carnival or Night of The Comet.

                          And if they can't prioritize that, then I think pushing focus unto fixing the bugs of the game would also be great. Especially those that can ban you by accident, like the Plasma Hair thing. People still do get banned because of it.
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                            a certain app created by the same person who created the app used by most spam bots allows them to unban with like 2 clicks..if you don't think that isn't easy you must be joking
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                            Originally posted by Odric
                            I totally wasn't looking at what you had on your task bar, but osu? Nice.

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                              Thanks Felix, Punchas and Meme. for your elaborative responses. I do think Ubisoft should take this more into consideration.
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