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How to not get scammed 101!

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  • How to not get scammed 101!

    Recently I keep hearing about people getting scammed and there is an EASY Solution for You!

    So here's how to NOT get scammed!

    A) Never enter a world that has "Trust" "Dirt" "Scam" "Drop".

    B) Never type /go when you see a broadcast that says Giveaway 10 Dls

    C) Never trust anyone with your items unless you know them in real life.

    D) Never drop your items.

    E) Never give out your password.

    F) Activate AAP (Avanced Account Protection)

    G) Don't use third-party software to help you in the game

    H) Don't play the game if you feel like you will make bad choices

    Follow the simple steps and I bet you a world lock that you will NEVER get scammed! (Yes, please also use common sense)

    Thanks for reading and I hope you never get scammed!

    Feel free to add more!
    Good day kind sir,

    I'd like to plug my channel before you scroll away

    Thank you, and you may scroll on.

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    Amazing guide +10000
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      Well looks like I broke that C tips..


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        Or just, you know..Click image for larger version

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        Edit: Oh, you covered that in H)! Best guide +100000
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          This is a cute post.
          Thinking about you.


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            ok ty for info
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              Why do people feel the need to post these?
              Arent these rules engrained in every players head?


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                Players who don't use forums #feelsbadman


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                  You should add that there is no "free rayman hacks", no token tapjoys, no free or new magplants and latest what i saw was IOTM generator what tells new IOTM name FP! All these videos has nice download link under video and all gives your password to hackers.

                  And someone said, should everyone already know this all. Well nope. Maybe most in here know, but in game, nope. So we should have this list inside the game
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                    We all know this, you won't become a mod
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                      You should add " Never share accounts with anyone"
                      I aced the LSAT


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                        nEvEr dRop yOur iTemS
                        But sire! My inventory!
                        Just do it!

                        (What if I get scammed by a vend scam? Do I get a wl from u?)