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Anyone still active from 3-4 years ago?

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    Oh yeah I remember you.

    Other stuff:

    "If you can't control your peanut butter, you can't expect to control your life."

    -Bill Watterson


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      6 year gamer here..
      Thinking about you.


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        hello there returning player
        welcome to ultimate dc land and iotm rng
        otherwise gt is actually better than it was
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          Originally posted by Techy View Post
          A lot of players have joined us and left. The cycle of life I suppose. However, it's refreshing to see you here again!
          Originally posted by Jack Bowe View Post
          Long time no see - refreshing to see a familiar face rise from the shadows.
          Hopefully, I'll be here longer than the last time I saw you.

          Originally posted by MrMehMeh View Post
          It is I, your friendly neighborhood Massacre! How are doing MehMeh, It's been too long.

          Originally posted by ezereal View Post
          make that 5 years dude XD sad to see you leaving tho... maybe make a discord server or something to keep in touch?
          I think you are confused... I left 4 years ago and returned today.

          Originally posted by Evets1 View Post
          Got any room for (nearly)6 years?
          Ayeee it's good to see some familiar faces. Add me in-game if y'all haven't already. Speaking of which, how's Ubisoft treating the mobile version? I was playing a bit of the console version and was not impressed by what I saw. It seems like the game stagnated after Ubisoft took over.

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          Originally posted by Ryanx99 View Post
          hello there returning player
          welcome to ultimate dc land and iotm rng
          otherwise gt is actually better than it was
          How is it better? I haven't seen all that much different other than guilds, apprentices, and a VIP. And what is iotm mean?

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            Oh wow! Hey Massacre!
            IGN: ProbablySeth

            Geometry Dash isn't dead


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              Hey it's that guy with that cool shark profile picture, nice to see you again.
              Hi I'm Pikasack!
              Pretty much a lurker, if you DM me I will probably respond within a few days.


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                Oh crap, it's Massacre. Dude what's up, it's Megazork.
                Allies or no allies?


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                  Originally posted by Jack Bowe View Post
                  Long time no see - refreshing to see a familiar face rise from the shadows.
                  You still playing mate i keep coming back to check everything haha
                  Thanks Chudy for my sig

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                    Ohh, not a long forum user, but played gt since late 2013!
                    I also remember visiting the world MASSACRE cuz i rly liked the song
                    Have some Chocolate to make your day better! 🍫

                    Sometimes..i just wonder..what if..what if memes..were a currency..But then you realize that you're from Europe.

                    Stupidity has no limits

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                      Welcome back, Massacre.

                      It’s nice to see you here
                      Nice to meet you!

                      ”Words are powerful.”

                      Thank you DavidDoesPBG for my avatar!


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                        May 2014..........


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                          How am I just seeing this thread. Welcome Back if you need any help with anything or have questions pm me on the forums or MSG me in game


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                            been on and off since early 2013 a lot, only just starting to actually play again this year lmao
                            youtube: BVD instagram: whosbvd soundcloud: BVD


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                              Originally posted by Massacre View Post
                              Mainly looking to squad up with people I used to know before I quit. It's going to be a drag if I have to meet all new people. Couldn't find any familiar name when I was skimming through the forums, albeit I don't recall most of those I used to know. If y'all got any suggestions of some players who have been a benefit to the community let me know. I have a bunch of worlds WL 'd but never used that I'll hand out to those deserving. Also, let me know if you know of any small locked worlds I have out there and I'll break them if they still exist.
                              I played way back when in 2013, but I am just now getting involved in the forums. Shoot me a message if you want to get together and reminisce about the old times!
                              Hello! I am SamWOW

                              I am dedicated to doing what ever it takes to better the Growtopia community.

                              CONTACT ME!
                              IG: @samwowgt
                              Discord: SamWOW#8217
                              World: SAMWOW!


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                                im a new player tho, but OP seems to be a good friend to play with
                                =IGN : Crausse=
                                Instagram : @Crausse_GT
                                Discord : Crausse#5464