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Anyone still active from 3-4 years ago?

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    Hi I’m fairly new to forums, nice to meet you I hope you can adjust to all the new changes smoothly and have a good experience. This is not related to the topic whatsoever but I just wanted to give you a warm welcome back.
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      everyone coming to comment on this post, just seeing all the familiar names. wow

      also welcome back


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        Originally posted by Massacre View Post
        Mainly looking to squad up with people I used to know before I quit. It's going to be a drag if I have to meet all new people. Couldn't find any familiar name when I was skimming through the forums, albeit I don't recall most of those I used to know. If y'all got any suggestions of some players who have been a benefit to the community let me know. I have a bunch of worlds WL 'd but never used that I'll hand out to those deserving. Also, let me know if you know of any small locked worlds I have out there and I'll break them if they still exist.
        6 years here Surprisingly, I still remember you
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          I remember back in late 2013 when the idea of DragonGate-PVP concept just got invented, me and 50+ other players played it all day...

          And the Geiger Counter, when it just came out it was unless until the first Crystal update. It rised to 36-37 wls for some reason (RTsoft later claimed it was due to a duplication glitch) then drop back to 15-18 wls around.

          Anyone know MartinMan007, one of the early Growtopia Youtuber?

          Buy*worlds wasn't popular back in time and most players trade in TRADE, probably SUMOMI too.

          Calf, Pig and Chicken leash was super rare back in time. Mini Growtopian was 50 wls around too.

          I cant remember all the things happened but i played 1902.41 hours currently. (not considering the guest account played before registering one)


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            Oh, you're back, you might not know me, i don t either know you, but I heard a lot of nice things about you. Maybe become a moderator again? xD

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