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    I saw 1900+ days
    It was 3 lettered world I forgot name
    I found it before I quited GT last time...
    It was 7 month ago or 8 month

    Contest link above


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      Originally posted by 8886 View Post
      Where is the oldest lock in growtopia? Is there any lock older than 2376 days?
      Probably 'seediary'. I remember back in march-ish 2013 when i was new to the game, that was the world i would always go to to find item recipes. If i recall correctly, at that point in time (march 2013) the world was locked by @hamumu.

      Why i think its the oldest lock??

      Theory: i started playing in march 2013 and it was there already.(game released on 11 Jan 2013).Also, seediary is an item recipe world made by the founders of growtopia. It will make sense for them to build the world very early in the game(probably on release date) to guide new players(everyone at that time XD) on how items are made/spliced.

      However its world-locked so you can't claim the world though unlike sl,bl and hl.

      Possibly 'hamumutown' as well.Created by @hamumu himself. Would only make sense for the developer to create the world on release date or even earlier, to prevent players from claiming it
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        Originally posted by Pente View Post
        theres actually no lock that is over 180 days.
        The days of that lock can exceed even without anyone accessed in it. Just make sure no one has seen the lock or, of course, it will be punched and disintegrate. It won't disintegrate by itself like a world lock with the owner being inactive for 365 days.

        - - - Updated - - -

        FUN FACT: If the accessed player of a lock (locked by an inactive player for more than 180 days) is unregistered, there's a chance that anyone can get to that account because the unique tag – "..._###" – shifts periodically. The catch is if you know the unregistered GrowID. It happened to me because I used to lock hunt and was surprised I was accessed to a very old world I have never been before. I was an unregistered player at that time, testing the game some more before settling in on a GrowID.


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          Originally posted by Devours View Post
          there is, ____'s lock last played xxxx days ago
          someone with access last played 1 day ago

          he already said that