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Is Super Supporter worth it?

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    Originally posted by Boots of Hermes View Post
    sometimes i think quizzes... but some questions inside it are too hard, and u must get everything right to get gems... bruh... anybody has more ideas?
    Ads and quizzes got me a free supporter.
    And it took 1 and a half years to get.


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      Originally posted by xKaizoku View Post
      i do those which require to install games and reach a certain level but ended up getting scammed all the time
      never to reach X level/arena/whatever. Those never work.
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        I dont think so

        If you aren't going to use the SS skin then no.
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            i wish i could cashback, i'd rather buy Dominos or McDs


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              Big name, /warp command and more skin colors including a transparent one.
              it's probably worth it..?
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                Well I don’t know is 20$ for a transparent skin cool?

                I mean I’d rather spend my life support on a cheeseburger and die a happy death.


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                  If I had that much I'd burn it all for anything on my Steam wish-list.
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                    jamew7 doesn't have super support either... so i will just do tapjoy lok
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                      Originally posted by Jisam View Post
                      /warp is really nice.
                      I bought it because of the /warp.

                      Agreed /warp is really nice.

                      But if you worry so much about money, don't buy it. Also if you buy rainin gems, you get some gems, few tokens and a megaphone. Pretty good deal for me.
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                        Kinda,it makes you have a green wrench and a big name,also the /warp command that can be useful,but for me,being a supporter good enough.


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                          Big name is best of all.
                          /warp command is super useful if not on phone.
                          Transparent skin looks cool too.

                          It's worth it, in my opinion.
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