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  • Your best quotes?

    So literally just share with us your best quote.
    My one is:

    One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it
    Dont tell from which movie, or film it is, let others guess hehe
    If you found it yourself, then share it with us so we dont struggle thinking about it

    This thread is meant to be fun
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    We fail to say the right words, because we choose to say the wrong words! We choose to say the wrong words, because we fail to think of the right words!

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    Isn't that from KungFu Panda?
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      Well, i guess i can make one rn?

      "Nothing is impossible. You are just too pessimistic about it. Old time no one expect that another world could be made and suddenly computer introduce itself"
      Im FatFitFut In-game. Call me Fatty!
      Oh! My Alt In-game is FuseSoCool. I like to add anyone in there, welp if they are enjoyable enough in my definition of Enjoyable

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        life is weird, so are everyone

        OK nvm
        I never said goodbye, didn't I?
        an active lurker, see if you can find me somewhere in-game

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          "If a mosquito bites you, bite it back."
          - Maroczy's take on the Golden Rule.

          A NEET but has a stable job at a cafe

          Would try to help whenever possible,except for trying to be social,of course.


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            "If it don't work, make it work"
            Annie shot JFK
            Annie is evil
            don't be like Annie
            Be like Oswald


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              the weak are meat and the strong do eat



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                If its dead, its dead. If its alive, you'll be dead

                - SCP Foundation Security Guard When SCP-173 Escaped The Facility
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                  If god didn't wanna make this game rock so hard, I wouldn't play it so much!
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                    Be careful what you wish for... the amount of hope you wished for would end up with the same amount of despair.
                    IGN: Deftera
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                      "wubba lubba dub dub" - Rick Sanchez

                      If you know, you know.
                      Growtopia is a drug.

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                        Originally posted by Deftera View Post
                        Be careful what you wish for... the amount of hope you wished for would end up with the same amount of despair.
                        i have a feeling that quote comes from Madoka Magica



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                          The ghost watches.


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                            Reality flickers as you begin to wake up.
                            On every problems you've encountered - there will be always the way to solve it.


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                              go smell a chicken you peice of bread