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want to get 5+ wls every day?

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  • want to get 5+ wls every day?

    Clear worlds every day. It takes about an hour.

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    Or just do free bfg for 15 minutes or so.


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      Its better to bfg. You could get 3-7wls in an hour rather than the 5wls/2-3hrs you can have by clearing worlds
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      suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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        or lock a 5 letter world, make a dirt farm and sell it for 6 wls, can go up to 7 if there's competition among the buyers; i once sold for 7 n 50 seaweed seeds. ignore the noobs saying LOL 6WL FOR DIRT FARM OLOLOLOL ITS ACTUALLY 1WL
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        Update: I listened to TIMEONI (nice song..)
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        "Hey we just let all your private data get leaked, sorry about that. Now buy our IAP!"
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        and yet again growtopians surpass the known limit to collective autism