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[Question] How much gems can earn in BFG?

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  • [Question] How much gems can earn in BFG?

    Hi forumers,

    I am not sure about ....emmm

    How much gems can we earn in BFG in one hour?

    *With pickaxe and LGrid*

    I dont have to time to test it out so that why i am asking.

    P.S. I only remember once i broke for a very long time and got 6k gems

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    I think 2k+
    Be careful whom you trust and play safe and smart as always


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      It depends, when I used to do bfgs I used to feel demotivated or bored after 10-20 minutes but I would say easily 5-10k Gems for an hour, nowhere near 2k you could easily make more especially for an lgrid bfg


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        That usually depends on your speed. You can get up to around 15,000 - 20,000 gems an hour if you use a Rayman's Fistman, and a Diamond Horn. Just with pickaxe, I would say you would get around 10,000 gems in an hour. If you are on PC, break using a spacebar, and place using a mouse. That will speed everything up. If you have a touchscreen laptop, do the same thing, but place with your finger.