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When do you think Growtopia would end?

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    I guess it will be completely dead by 2024 if it still being like this if you know what I saying.

    It needs to actually attract new players because like now it seems like the newbie when they come to the game, they just got scammed some don't know how to play the game or register their account, but the main thing is they always tell me that they don't know what the purpose of this game and that the big problem because they wil just come and gone. And some don't even come.

    These bugs and glitches make the player base going down drastically cause you know, when they got banned they don't know how to contact support and I'm talking about the new and medium-class player (Have you ever read Google play comments?)

    The developers have to do something if they want to keep this game alive and they need to do something big and fast.

    Some of my suggestion:
    1. Big PVE and PVP updates, make PVE the new kind of getting progress through the game and must be relevant, promote it and make it the one of the main purpose.
    2. Consider changing the main player base to be teen-adult to avoid the problems. (For a chance to be less toxic and more quality)
    3. Improve the game interface (since when Ubisoft bought the game they don't even try to improve it accept the upcoming chat system).
    4. Fix the bug and glitch, test the update before it released.
    5. Take control of some part of the game economic and remove royal lock.
    6. Take more care of the new and medium-class players.
    7. More professional moderator,don't get too personal with some player
    8. Advertise the game by the purpose, the economic system and the great objective.
    9. Reach out more to players in the game that are not just forum and famous people
    10. Add more languages

    the game is hard and boring for the new player you need PVE update, don't make a boring update if you want to attract the long term player.

    take a look at this Google Trend's Growtopia search term
    Click image for larger version

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    (I think Growtopia on console is a Cash grab)



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      Originally posted by Supermarine View Post
      (I think Growtopia on console is a Cash grab)
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        The game wont make it past 2025 indeed. I suggest temporarily shutting down the servers and fixing every bug and stuff. Also like what someone said, make the playerbase teen-adult. Kids can be r e a l l y toxic so its better if we have less of them. At this point its better off to just reset the game
        Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
        suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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          Originally posted by Kyeosi View Post
          I made a thread with the same topic:

          I still think Growtopia is doing quite well. So, in my opinion, I think it would end around 2029. xD

          Hopefully Ubisoft doesn’t sell the game. I trust Ubisoft’s team, even though they have a long way to go to satisfy the player base. I can’t imagine having another change.
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            Not all things last forever
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              March 3rd, 2021
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                I personally think it would end depending on its player count regardless if there are many scammers, casino hosters, hackers and bad players and as far as Ubisoft can handle this game.

                For me, I don't know

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