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What IOTM you like the most?

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    Speed Medallion, yes.
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      Astro shades

      Seriously though probably speed medallion or zephyr helm
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        Originally posted by Crunchyy View Post
        Dragoscarf lmao
        yeah that one
        was hoping there'd be more dragon iotms tbh
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          Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
          yeah that one
          was hoping there'd be more dragon iotms tbh
          Dragon warrior shield?
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            Dragon Warrior Shield and Hovering Cape looks cool.

            I might buy one of them someday.
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              Any IOTM that has an actual use.
              So about 3


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                The prismatic aura because I am biased. My friend sponsored it, and I helped her with one or two of the quests.

                There have not been many worthwhile or interesting IOTMs.
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                  Originally posted by tatertots View Post
                  Not including Mags or Rayman, here are my top 3 aesthetic wise:

                  1: NightKing Cape
                  2: Razor Wings
                  3: Monarch Wings
                  haha I like them too, they look cool!

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                  Originally posted by Skullifer View Post
                  Monarch Butterfly Wings
                  I like them too, they look good!

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                  Originally posted by FreezingDew View Post
                  Speed medallion because of electric trails
                  Ghastly Robe because spooki boi
                  I agree, the medallion effect is really cool!

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                  Originally posted by Rimuoi View Post
                  Rayman, dragon scarf , monarch & dhorn
                  I like them too haha


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                    My fave is honestly rayman and shorn and dragoscarf with speed medal or raptor legs. Not bc it's expensive it's because it looks cool )my opinion) and it hasn't like every mod in it

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                      Funny how ppl aren't mentioning magplants because of they dun wanna get into fights about useful IOTMs

                      I honestly prefer the Ghastly Robe, looks cool.
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                        Definitely the Diamond Horns, it's so useful and cute at the same time!
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