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How do you feel about "limited" items?

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  • How do you feel about "limited" items?

    When Growtopia first started, all items were obtainable and not limited. That was until 2014 when the first limited item was announced, Phoenix Wings.
    We have come a long way from then....
    For a while, the Reindeer Bell was limited
    Other phoenix items were introduced
    IOTMs were introduced
    Heck, even "glitch" items were introduced (Like comet cloth seeds);Removed items are also limited.

    I may of missed some, it really doesn't matter, my point is there are probably over 80 limited items in the game (Most of them being glitch seeds and IOTMs).

    With all these limited items...its really took away some of the coolness of normal items and even the coolness of limited items(in my opinion). For example, Golden Razor Wings. Those are a limited item, yet its 11 wls and there is barely any demand for it.

    Limited items still are cool though.

    Idk the point of this thread, its mostly to just bring awareness of some things that can maybe become issues or whatever. Leave your thoughts on the title's question below!
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    Players who have these limited items would be like:
    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by Malware View Post
      For example, Golden Razor Wings. Those are a limited item, yet its 11 wls and there is barely any demand for it.
      The first IOTM, but looks janky. It's a wing, but with its straps when worn, makes it look artificial. Like if it exists in real life, it would look like plastic instead of Angel or Devil Wings which looks like it's really attached to your back. People ought to obtain the Legendary Wings, in terms of wings with flapping animations.


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        I don't like that there are so many limited items. However, re-releasing any of them could really damage the economy.

        I like many of the mods of IOTMs, but I don't like the concept of it. Also, it seems kind of like a petty way to promote gem purchases and IAP. Still, it's not all bad.

        Glitch items are interesting. I don't mind them being limited, as long as there isn't a ridiculous amount of them. It is unfair to re-release glitched items once they have appreciated in value. Many people were very annoyed at the clothing seed re-release.
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          I've always been fully against them. I don't think it's fair that new players should completely miss out, or players who weren't able to get it when it was available. I especially hate it when the item is untradeable (Clash legendaries, for example) as those are completely and utterly unobtainable, even through trading.
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            I like having limited items in my inventory but some limited items
            like the clash legendary items are stupid

            im maybe back
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              I just feel bad for the Phoenix wings, but the other Items were supposed to be limited so who didn't get them cried afterwards, and the razor wings had a pretty bad design, maybe it was a test, then they released alot of cool items that kept their coolness like the robe, and coolness isn't about the price it's about the hype people have when they see them, mags and reyman became overpriced in a few months because nobody literally nobody cared about them until it was too late, even I had reyman and sold it for 128 wls as I saw it dropping lol it rose a few months later.

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                Basically peeps be flexing on IOTM, which is litterally limited, especially the cool ones. About the Magplants owners or Rayman owners is not much of a big deal, I saw em anywhere to be honest. Nah, were talking about the rare, obscure ones, like Ghastly Robe or, the "rare" rare IOTM, like the Galactic Destructor, or the Hellfire Horns. Owning limited items are considered a collector's item.

                Pheonix Items and Draconic Items on the other hand is different. They still and can be obtained because not that many people still obtain them fully yet. For example, this year's Pheonix Hair is still "possibly-ish" obtainable, maybe or possibly-ish its not reached the limit of 500 yet. Maybe Pheonix Wings will be obtainable in some other way possible, since they will be used in a Legendary Quest.

                (I expect Pheonix Scarf will be the next one mmmmm)
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                  I hate hate hate the untradeable limited guild items.
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                    kinda sad that future generations might not get to enjoy some...
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