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How world locks can change a person.

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  • How world locks can change a person.

    Here's the story.
    Note My brother and his friend and me are in the same guild me and my bro were good friends with him

    A month a go my brother and his friend found a 3 letter 140 day lock, they wanted to get that lock so they decided to 50/50 on THAT world only. (btw the lock hasnt expired yet)
    Last week his friend found a world name called Buyceilingfan which had 173 days. No aggrements we're made on that world no 50/50 no nothing
    When the day came 180 day lock my brother had to wake up 4 am just to get that world and he got it out of 75 people. His friend didn't even wake up and when his friend found out he got 30 dls for free his friend demanded 50/50 because of the 3 letter deal. My brother wouldnt give to him, so his friend went to the guilds owner telling her what happened the owner said "You didn't wake up to get it so you had no chance of getting the world". The friend said but i found the world name. So my brother decided to give him 3 dls only 3. guess what his friend did, donated 3 dls to 3 noobs. he had some mental breakdown. Then he went to complain to most of guild members and since he still wasnt getting wls He left the guild with his friend. The guild found out the real story and hated him from now
    The friend is blocking everyone from the guild

    Was a good old member, my opinion the best member.

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    "Money is the root of all evil..."
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      Really depends on the person
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        It's not really a matter of WLs.
        It's a matter of people's true colours.
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          honestly everything can change a person
          I like my world locks like I like my plural nouns.
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            Some kids just need to grow up.


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              wow what was that

              i don't know about the story is it real or just made up, but yeah world locks can change a person.



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                Originally posted by Astigmatisme View Post
                honestly everything can change a person
                Exactly, the way a person has been taught to view money influences how they respond to obtaining large amounts of money.
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                  Different kind of aspects effects people. Some more than others. It all depends on the person itself.
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                    Your brother betrayed the trust his friend had in their relationship.
                    He contributed substiantially in getting that world, but was left emptyhanded afterwards (the 3dls werent given of free will and are more like a mockery).
                    You said that apart from the three-lettered world no further agreements were made, but honestly that's just logomachy.

                    Apart from behaving immaturely your former friend did the right things: Spreading awareness and jumping ship from such hypocritic friends, that need to create a forum post to convince themselves they did the right thing.


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                        I don't partake in anything I can't guarantee. I treat everyone with respect but I don't trust anyone and I don't expect anyone to trust me.

                        Expectation and reality can be very different. I might have expectation that people will do the right thing but in reality I know that sometimes they won't.

                        I disagree about world locks changing people. You are who you are and your personality and decision making comes to light when put to the test.

                        If I drop $50 dollars on the ground on accident and you see it happen that won't change you. You will show the kind of person you really are by notifying me I dropped money or scooping it up for yourself. That $50 didn't make you greedy, you always were. That $50 didn't make you a hero you always were. You just proven who you are when tested by fate.

                        The lesson people should learn is expect nothing and calculate every angle and outcome.


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                          Trust no one except yourself. Your best ally is the one that cannot physically betray you, unless you're depressed that is.
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                            Originally posted by Alixity
                            Lol that's why when SWE got scammed 200dls I used to send death threats to the SCAMMER
                            That's illegal.

                            And I doubt someone would get scared if they recieved a threat in growtopia.


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                              Originally posted by 6gsy1 View Post
                              Really depends on the person
                              agreedโ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €โ €