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  • Potential of Growtopia

    Do you think Growtopia reach its full potential? or there are still things that we can make it better?
    Is there a way for a REALLY NEW game mechanics?
    Are PVE and rework for PVP possible?
    Can the game possibly release the game-changing update? or there just gonna be new items every monthly event until they run out of ideas?
    Is there any hope for the future of Growtopia?

    Just want to know what you think.


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    Well yes but actually no.


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      In my opinion, I doubt Growtopia will die down anytime soon, there are still thousands of people who enjoy the game for what it currently is, except a few meanies trying to take it down - doubt they'll go far tbh. For me, I enjoy the community part, different people from all walks of life, playing the game like it's a huge family. It's heartwarming seeing how easy friendships can be made and how nice people can be to one another. Growtopia is doing pretty good, although player base may have lowered, I feel that it's still a game worth my time.

      As for features addition, I'd suggest more stuff types of quests or things that require players to dedicate time into it, not only will there be more exclusive items, but more people will stay for it.
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        The entire game of Growtopia is just a huge waste of potential tbh.
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          I have seen tons of potential for Growtopia since day 1. I think we have a decent chance to make it trending again, with more moderation in the game, less scams/casinos.


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            Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
            The entire game of Growtopia is just a huge waste of potential tbh.
            Very true...

            We could have progress to become a more idle game without aggressively farming for few hour for new players.

            But after mag and Ray, Ubi just **** their pants and bail out on actually delivering new mechanics and dish out tons and literally tons of cosmetics.

            Would appreciate if devs take a look at this thread.

            Ubi is sitting on a gold mine with unexplored new mechanics.
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              I don't like to say this, but a lot of features in growtopia were added half assedly with only the minimum required effort and 0 ux and performance optimisation (changing worlds takes ages, player positions are unreliable af, checkboxes instead of radio buttons everywhere).
              Other feature weren't added at all due do "the required effort" (inventory improvements during paw, seperate music layer).
              Many things in growtopia are just not fun, but outright annoying instead (hunting ghosts is as fun as being woken midnight by a mosquito, inventory & friends management is a nightmare, scamming is tolerated and partly supported, /warp cooldown, most activities are repetitive,unreliable and grindy)
              The player model feels very stiff especially when compared to competition.
              Growtopias wl inflation isn't being combated remotely enough (massive discrepances between poor and rich; I mean something is sure as hell wrong, when I as a dedicated and potential whale see 0 benifits from buying anything from the store anymore. And no: I dont want growtopia to end up as a pay to win, but whom would it hurt if the yearly sponsorship gave you 10% growth time reduction instead of the joke of a privilige we have right now?)
              Growtopia is very economy heavy and yet we as the players are left in the dark about any stats, patches and chances.

              And so on and so on
              There's still A LOT of ways for growtopia to grow out from its bottom shelf mentality.
              Not just as a game in its core qualities, but certain changes could bring back and attract many new players.
              Proper pve as a fun and for once thoroughly thought out alternative to profiting for example.
              Something that the mindless target playerbase could enjoy in depth without the risk of inflation and abuse.

              This isn't mere critique of the ubisoft staff, they just continued the abandoned mess that was given to them by seth and hamumu in a sadly similarly messy way.


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                I can only guess that there are might be a limitation of coding the possible mechanics and maybe Growtopia doesn't have enough staffs and devs for the game. Or Ubisoft doesn't pay enough attention to Growtopia that it should have but if my assumption was right why do they bought it in the first place if they don't really care for the game. They must see the potential that this game can be.



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                  Growtopia's got a very creative staff team. There are a lot of things to still add to the game!
                  For example I think the chat update they've talked about is going to be a game changer. It's been a pain to type anything for years now, and it's so relieving to finally see something done to that.

                  What I'm hoping for is that the staff keeps listening to the community, as the players have had a ton of great ideas over the years.

                  So to answer your question, yes. There is hope left.
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