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leve 100 beggers (lol)

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  • leve 100 beggers (lol)

    So I went to the world show to see whats popping, and what I saw made me laugh

    A bunch of level 30-100 people came up to me asking for donations.... lol?

    So I gave them a little bit of stuff I didn't need to see what would happen. they just left the world

    Is this a new thing people do? Begging for wls? yikes

    PS: Didn't even realize I made a typo in the title until reading it like 5 times

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    Asking for donations has no limit now.
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      Probably just trolling you...
      A typical troll BC: /bc High level noobs come ask for donates in random world HAHA...
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        It happens everywhere. I was in BUYGHC when a guy with a zeus bolt approached me and said, "Excuse me sir". What's more ridiculous is that he wants a 15wls spare so he can afford an ances since he "...really needs it".

        Begging is a culture in game right now it is no longer just a habit.
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          not surprised, it's one of the main components in the game tho
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            wow has growtopia really devolved this badly
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              at this point... I think I'm just not going to go to all the other worlds unless i need something or sell stuff... Seriously, god damn.

              But you know how beggars could give some benefits to me? Joining my discord server :troll:

              EDIT: Yes, I am this desperate.

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                To be honest, I'm like them I have 3000 peppers laying around but I'm verrryyyyy lazy but I don't ask for donations


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                  Good, now donate me.

                  kinda funny to see them doing that, seemed like they just lost a 200 dl bet or something lmao
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                    These beggars wont achieve anything. Its kinda pointless to give them stuff.


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                      Not accussing anyone for doing anything but..
                      they might be autofarmer bots and are not actually pro players

                      im maybe back
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                        I don't think level says anything anymore, i got level 42 within a week on my alternative account.

                        (No hacks`)