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Jesus Christ I am so pissed off

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    Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
    Sure would be grand if the limit was 0. No more than that.
    maybe it is in fact 0. pls provide your farm world and ill test it with my 50 gij, just to confirm

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    Originally posted by Astigmatisme View Post
    next we'll have noob with wl ghost that bans you out of the world
    i predict in the 20's to have ghosts that looks like glitched thatll ban you forever
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      How to ruin someone's day:

      Step 1. Buy 25 ghost-in-a-jars (Halloween week or winterfest works best)
      Step 2. Go to BUYFARM and look for a farm seller
      Step 3. Go to the world, and place 5-25 in there
      Step 4 Exit fast before the owner cusses you out and bans you

      Yes, I did this a year ago, and I feel so bad..


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        Ghost sharks for this game are like Coca Cola advertaising clip on Christmas, you can't get rid off this
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          Originally posted by Cahtster View Post
          maybe it is in fact 0. pls provide your farm world and ill test it with my 50 gij, just to confirm
          Good thing I don't farm.
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            Originally posted by 2ego View Post
            I really don't get WHAT'S THE POINT of them, like, some might benefit and all, but looking at how much frustration it causes for people, it's there merely to make people leave the game, from a business perspective it's just...a retarded feature.
            Well, this feature is really fun tho. I just go to random worlds especially when they sb about selling something. Whenever people tries to buy from the vend, I just kill them with Ghost-in-a-jars XD. I also profit from it from my friends who has ghosts in their worlds and they pay me just to remove their ghosts

            Originally posted by グローちゃん View Post
            You're the most evil person I know ;-;
            I know right
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              Ghosts and zombies are the worst things ever. The ghost update was a mistake.