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    ok so the new secret santa thread was posted and i dont really wanna participate this year bc i didnt get anything last year and while yeah it's the season of giving lets be honest anyone else who didnt get anything AND didnt get any emergency fund whatnot are probably salty, especially since I think i did a good job with my gift last year. im also super salty bc i was killing for a chaos cursed wand or another cool hand item and ended up having to go with a parasol bc my wls went into repaying a friend. lastly, i even msged the mod running it and they said sorry 'bout it and ended up doing nothing about it. amazing.

    if anyone can offer any condolence or at least convince me to join bc i really want to but at the same time im still angry about last year.
    maybe master sorcerers give to other master sorcerers and everyone else gives to each other?
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