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    Originally posted by MystZ View Post
    this is seriously an issue
    no respect

    also annoying how people think showing that they have more wls makes them right/superior t you
    Right, that happens often in Growtopia.
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      It will always be a mystery to get every child and adolescent to learn to have decency and respect others. Morality is something that seems to be developed over time - some quicker than others.
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        Just assume the toxic players you encountered are immature children

        Tell yourself that YOU are no longer a kid/adolescent and "I" (You) should be try to be an adult (by ignoring them)

        For instance, let's imagine this scenario

        A young adult walks pass by a primary school, a child notice him and decides to yell at him over the fence: "Hey big guy, you looks f*****g s**t hahaha."

        Under normal circumstances, will the adult immediately climb over the fence and punch the kid in the fence then slam him onto the ground?

        The adult (UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES) is most likely to ignore the child and continue walks by.

        *Maybe my comment is a bit confusing, but what i tried to say is to tell you guys we should ignore them.* :/


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          (*** why are everyone's essay writing skills better than mine ree)

          I believe that a bully usually originates from their upbringing. Whether it is stricken by poverty or poor parenting, they would pick up the lesson that life is difficult and that they should skip on the basic courtesies in life such as being kind. These bullies would then insult and hurt people they dislike and have a lack of conscience of performing this action due to their tough upbringing

          However, what's more concerning is the massive platforms that these people have access to, such as Growtopia. As Growtopia is a children-majority community, they are easily influenced to fit the environment they are in. This leads back to the bully, when they spread negativity towards the entire community, other children would follow their actions and hence make Growtopia a more toxic-place.

          It is more prevalent in today's technology-oriented society for children to be more "rude", as they have greater access to the internet and the exchange of toxic-negative ideas will pop up more. This does not apply to Growtopia but other platforms (such as IG).

          As much as the "negativity" among kids are rising, we should not worry. To counter the toxicity in Growtopia itself, I think Ubisoft should regulate and promote anti-bullying inside the game. As developers of the game, they should be responsible in upholding the core values of life and stop tolerating people who would bully others in game. This would promote a positive community among Growtopians.

          In conclusion, as much as the community is changing (for the worse), we should still be optimistic and try our best to make Growtopia a friendly and caring community. In my honest opinion, we may not be able to do much since we can't reach to a wide audience to promote anti-bullying. However, Ubisoft can and we should direct more attention to them to try to stop bullying

          (ok lowkey this is me s-posting and im really bored rN but these are my actual thoughts, correct me if im wrong whEE)
          bored and im here whOOP


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            Originally posted by Techy View Post
            It will always be a mystery to get every child and adolescent to learn to have decency and respect others. Morality is something that seems to be developed over time - some quicker than others.
            Getting everyone to respect each other is impossible. But it helps to just pay attention to our own behavior.
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              Back then I was part of the toxicity but I have changed for the greater good, because hating someone is tiring, to bash them is much more tiring
              I also wanted to say sorry especially to Chaye because of how much of an annoyance I am years ago
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