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    i initially started playing again because i wanted to max out my level. then, i realized that there's an achievement for holding 1 million gems, after that i heard about ancestral items, which led me to making the lens of riches.

    not too sure what i'll do after i get to level 125 but i'll probably come up with some other stupid goal in between me holding 1 million gems and maxing out my level.
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      Friends tbh and also the wish of wanting to win a WOTD however I’m wishing to win a WOTD, I’ve been preparing a world for Christmas for a long time now and I’m planning to nominate it for WOTD but tbh seems like I have to hurry up
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        i recently lost all the dls i owned because of a friend so i gave up on playing the game for wealth. i now rather play just to hang out with my friends and meet other people
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          My friends, acutally. All my online friends are playing Growtopia and I don't like to play games on my own. I'm getting some cool free games thanks to Epic Games but I don't feel like playing them really. Besides, we are in Greece with my father for a while, he's looking to buy a property in Greece and I don't have any real friends here. So all I do everyday is to play Growtopia and chat with my online friends.


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            Originally posted by FabulousT View Post
            Idk, I feel like a lot of the players are tired of earning wls and are bored online but they don’t quit.. I mean I’m kind of over the stage of trying to be rich or trying to be someone big in growtopia and idrk what to do?? Not exactly broke but I can’t bear to part with the wls i spent so long to get a few years back

            And if u are still striving to earn more wls, what keeps u going? When there are hackers and so many people richer than you
            I am extremely determined to get my dream item aka an ldrag (: keeps me going & I'ma be so proud of myself if I actually get one
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              Iam still massing, because that i still continue playing GT, not just that, i still have more reason why i still playing this game.
              Like playing parkour with my friend, doing fishing together, and other. I wont quitting this game fastly, cause i still have some goals i must achieved!
              This game make all my feeling out. Like sad, happy, bored, and other.

              Btw, this is my first long thread, i've ever type
              So, have a nice day! And happy playing!
              ( sorry if my english bad xD )
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                Goals I've set myself, mainly. + friends, definitely.
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                  I love the friends I’ve made here so much. Some of my favorite memories are hanging out with them. So yeah, I probably wouldn’t be playing Growtopia if I didn’t have my friends. Cheesy, but 100% true.
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                    Originally posted by NekoWolf View Post
                    I am extremely determined to get my dream item aka an ldrag (: keeps me going & I'ma be so proud of myself if I actually get one
                    I've wasted too long playing the game to the point that I can't not play it



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                      The Nostalgia
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                        Well, to be fully honest. I am just playing growtopia because I want to build more. I don't really care if people say i'm bad at it. It's just my way to express my thoughts CLEARLY. I wanted to be a real life artist yet I always disappoint myself. Growtopia is, kinda, my way to be a successful artist without being an artist. Yeah... So sad seeing the WOTD thing is slowly crashing down...

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                          Playing parkour and building parkour worlds. Only good thing about this game really
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