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About people that are very negative about suggestions in the Suggestions Sub-forum...

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    Everybody has different opinions, it’s whatever that rocks their boat. Nothing can be done to manipulate their thinking.
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      Players in game would literally use the report feature against you if they don't like the price of what you're selling, heck, they would even /report your world if your vends are too expensive.

      Now, imagine adding a reputation system.

      You know we really appreciate your intention of trying to suggest something that would do good for the game and the community. And that's why other people even bothered to criticize your suggestion to point out flaws for its own improvement.

      Posting this thread won't really change the minds of those against your suggestion. And I think it would have been better if instead of denying those disagreements, you should have collectively place them together in to your original post and improve it.

      You should be thankful for those who points out the flaw or else you'll have no idea of what your suggestion is missing.

      Anyway, a better system with no rooms for abuse or whatsoever would have higher chances of getting considered and approved to the game.
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