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An increase in a different type of drop game

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  • An increase in a different type of drop game

    Recently, as I scan through random worlds, I've noticed that drop games have gone through some sort of evolution. Instead of the traditional, owner hosts drop game, it's players. Let me explain.

    I know that this has occurred in the past, but seeing 4 in total today was quite unusual. A random player, usually an alt would ask the victim to place their World Lock in the flat world, they would then make the owner place a prize and the scammer would swear to drop. This is quite complicating as it can cause misunderstandings. Not only that, the victim would get in all sorts of trouble from people who've stumbled across the scene.

    Sometimes, even, the scammer would pretend to be the victim and later asks the passer-byers to report the actual victim. I feel like this is a scammers' way in avoiding the consequences of their actions and to avoid reports. If a world gets reported for being a drop game world wouldn't that get the victim banned?

    I as a player, if I stumble across such, I would just report the world along with its administrators. But in this situation, would I be labelled as false reporting?

    What dp you think can be changed to tackle this issue?

    Disclaimer: I do not support drop games or any illegal activities which goes against the guidelines.

    Disclaimer: I do not intentionally seek out any drop games, I come across them in random worlds.

    P.s, can we make make any world with "CSN" in it's name to be invalid? Casino worlds clog up the random worlds tab and it is very annoying.

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    Scammers are getting smarter with how they scam.
    They put their victims in more danger than before.
    How can this be tackled?

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    The main point is, they are avoiding the consequences of their actions.

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    Scammers are scammers, we are the ones that are targeted.

    It's our job not to be stupid, or Darwin will prove his theory right once again.

    Stupid ones get scammed and quit, smart ones don't get scammed and continue playing.
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      Thanks for the heads up

      Whenever I come across anything shady, I leave. It's the best way to avoid getting bamboozled, I guess.
      If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.
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        it's called natural selection but instead of nature it's people
        I like my world locks like I like my plural nouns.
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          As far as I know it's forbidden to host, play or even be a spectator in a drop game. That means there is no victims. Just people who host, play or spectate drop games.


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            The most effective way I found is to change your chat/broadcast channel to "system" whenever you are doing something or anything.
            Why? You don't get sidetracked and you don't get tempting messages from broadcasts.
            And tip #2 is never hold your world locks, keep them on a safe place or in a safe, its simple, don't need it right now? place it somewhere safe, need it? take a specific amount you need.

            Always play smart and safe
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              It's evolving, just backwards
              I like my world locks like I like my plural nouns.
              IGN : SimpForJesus