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  • An item you really wanted?

    Greetings ladies and gents,

    What is one of your most desired item since you’ve started?
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    It was golden angel wings, but now I want the Phoenix wings that are just out of my reach..


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      Originally posted by HugeLock View Post
      It was golden angel wings, but now I want the Phoenix wings that are just out of my reach..
      Go win another wotd


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        Nightmare devils and I have no idea why I love them.
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          laser visor and death ray were my dream items for a couple days after i started gt
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          Originally posted by ZeoFire
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          Originally posted by Yasuo
          Don't worry, I will...
          Windwall that lux ult


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            Can't deny I really Like Autumn wings and some classy ubisoft wings like The " Winterfest aura thingy"
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              i used to like chick leash, and autumn wings

              now i have 0 desire on it (but ill accept it if anyone gives me LOL)

              i want a protodrake, i forgot the name but its a red-purple ish dragon which obtained when u achieved all holiday achievements
              if the achievement needed was the one which is back in 2015... last celebration is my last target!

              i also want a one ring
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                I always wanted a Diamond Flashaxe. Had it at one point but got trade scammed. This is insensitive but I'm secretly hoping it drops so I can get it back again. I really don't have high standards LMAO

                Lately, I've started doing the quests to get Growtokens and I'm planning on buying either Focused eyes or the Golden Pickaxe if I'm up for it.

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                  I always wanted devil wings from day 1; I already got one and I was happy.
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                    Legendary Wing
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                      Originally posted by LuminousEyes View Post
                      Nightmare devils and I have no idea why I love them.
                      Same man. Had my eyes on them since 2015. Since it was least than 20dls. I even planned on how to profit and get em. But the save up took too long and now, eh they are too expensive.

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                        Nightmare devil wings.
                        Too bad i'll probably never get them because it takes too much time and effort and i don't have much to spare of each.


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                          all wings in this game

                          I used to sleep peacefully every night knowing that I've taken away 1/500th (actually even less, ik) the chance of someone to get their beloved phoenix wings.
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                            Probably the Golden Pickaxe, Simple, Elegant, and it sparkles!
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                              I love ancient Egyptian history, so probably an Anubis Mask.