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How many carnival rings have you finished total?

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    Zero, because I'm too stingy to use my Crime Wave and therefore I'm stuck at Step 2 of my first quest which I didn't abort.


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      7 different kinds, 13 in total. Getting a new ring next carnival, though!
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        12 in total, 4 are dupes i StiLL wAnT gEmiNi

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          Ever since I started the game I didn't obtained any rings.0.
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            8 Different types, not bad.
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              Gotten 2. Ring of wisdom back in 2015 and fistful of rings back in 2018.

              But.. i recycled the ring of wisdom.
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                imagine having a carnival ring
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                  did 5 and all are smithing. gave up for a while and did some more and no dupe so far.
                  totally 8 type of rings.

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                    Not more than 10
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                      I have two, but I'm close to getting my third!
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                        Zero — it is a nice, round number I do not plan on changing!
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                          ring of shrinking
                          ring of winds
                          ring of smithing
                          ring of wisdom
                          one ring
                          ring of force
                          i think that's all no dupes
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                            Click image for larger version

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                            Time to flex my ring collection. I used to hate ring of nature because it was more useless than the 30 WL exquisite cultivator and I've made quite a few complaints about it in the past. I still hate it because it still can be substituted by the cultivator when I got 4 of them and spent quite some DLs on them. Ring of smithing also sucks, both because I got 6 of them and it is the most useless and visually unpleasing ring out of all of them.
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                              I have like 30 in total? I'm trying to get ring of night and ring of shrinking but like it's super-duper hard. I rushed 3 carnival quests last carnival but didn't get the ones i want
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                                Probably 18