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How does it feel to be rich

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    Originally posted by Coldshots View Post
    I like to flex in front of my real life friends.
    lmao i wanna do the same thing
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    Originally posted by Clarken
    Oh, and BTW, nobody cares if you're rich here. The forums are about collaboration and discussion, if you want to flex go to SHOW or something.


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      Originally posted by Freek View Post
      Can I be your friend?? (sorry for the timing)
      i ain’t rich tho
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        Originally posted by LURD View Post
        Actual rich players don't really go for GHC as they know on average you will spend like 500 DLs worth of gems to get 1, of course there is a chance to get one with 1 DL, but it's also possible to get none with 1000 DLs.

        Originally posted by Ica View Post
        Ngl it seems kinda lonely to be rich. A lot of people only want to be your friend because of your status and it’s quite hard to find genuinely good people. I’ve had at least 20 people only want to add me because of the world locks I have. Then later I find out they are trying to scam me and didn’t actually want to be my friend. It really sucks, especially when it was a “friend” you knew for years.
        not really tho, not all people like that, some are just wanna come around and play abit, but i can say there also some people which is only added u because of the status and stuff, but not all.

        it's on u tho, if u can be selective adding people, they will be a good friend instead of only-come-to-"can i have"-and-"can i try" friends

        personally i can tell the difference between genuine friends and the one who does not, i even removed some of my friend list due to they started to being annoying

        addition : all my friends know the things i hate so they wont do, because those who are not, is already removed
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          Originally posted by Freek View Post
          I just wanna know
          Pretty unsatisfactory to be completely honest. Financial freedom is great in Growtopia but the game overall gets boring.
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            Whether or not someone is considered rich is subjective, it depends on who you're comparing to.

            Who knows, maybe you're wealthy in the eyes of others.


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              Originally posted by Freek View Post
              I just wanna know
              Ifyou become rich you wanna become more rich until you become the richest.


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                I flex and I do occasional giveaways but mostly I try to have as little pures as possible. If you have a lot of pures, it means that those wls are just sitting around when you could be using them to make more wls
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                  Boring. .
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                    Originally posted by Freek View Post
                    I just wanna know
                    you feel powerful (only if u own a good buy+ world)
                    you can snap the lower class in mere seconds

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