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  • Price manipulators

    There's a secret group of turkish people who are manipulating the price of growscan in world buygrowscan by fake trading and spamming fake price they make it drop and buy a certain amount of gscan after that they make it rise and sell all of the gscan they have and they have been doing this for days. Mods ban the owner of buyzephyr but this kind of people that i am talking about mods don't do anything.

    Ps. Sorry in the grammar...

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    It’s not just them, many people have been doing it for a while ever since Jamew7 made his YouTube video. There isn’t much we can do about it except not buy it but people will still inevitably buy it.
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      The moderators banned the owner of BUYZEPHYR because his “price manipulation” included preventing people from trading in a trade world. Price manipulation is not inherently wrong, but there are wrong ways to go about it.
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