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Mandela Effect(?): Pineapple Guardian or Guardian Pineapple?

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  • Mandela Effect(?): Pineapple Guardian or Guardian Pineapple?

    I have a question. What is the name of the jammer that disables consumables? Is it Pineapple Guardian or Guardian Pineapple?

    If you answered Pineapple Guardian, you're wrong. It's actually Guardian Pineapple. And you're just like me, confused on if they changed the name or something.

    What is a Mandela Effect?
    The Mandela Effect refers to a situation in which a large mass of people believes that an event occurred when it did not.

    Just random thought that came to my mind when I went to buy a pine guard. ...i mean a guardian pineapple.
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    I don't think mistaking placing of words is a good example for the mandela effect
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      this isnt really the mandela effect, i have called this item both names in the past, as it didnt bother me. the mandela effect is more like thinking an item is spelt differently, like that american peanut butter, which people thought was jiffy, when irl it was jif, all the times
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        Idk why but pineapple guardian somehow sounds gramatically correct to me.

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          Best example is probably the Monopoly man's monocle (or the lack thereof)
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            If you're wondering, they didn't change the name at all. It has always been Guardian Pineapple.


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              Originally posted by NeonValley View Post
              Best example is probably the Monopoly man's monocle (or the lack thereof)
              Same with the Pringle’s man
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