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I need help from the mods

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  • I need help from the mods

    Hey everyone this post is more directed towards the moderators because i need their help. So basically people duplicated Diamond locks but the thing is i own a buy+ world and when i entered the world i saw that all my stock had been bought. I havent taken the wls out of the vending machines but i want some help with what i should do right now because i dont know if those dls are legit or not. And if you were wondering what world. It’s called BUYLOCKS so Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Okay so here is what you do, go in game and contact Serenite. Serenite is a Game Guardian. You need to take those world locks and hand them the WLs. I'm sure if you ask for compensation you'll get them back.
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      Oh is that all?


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        try msg mods or guardians
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