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Why do we need guardians if all of them are inactive?

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    There's a difference between being offline and being inactive.
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      this is some extremely poorly done observation lmao.

      Guardians have like a main account too, they're not your slave to always be reporting, they have progress in their main account too. And cleary you've never noticed any guardians but I see them every now and then so you can't claim they're inactive just from your personal stand point lol.
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        Just because you don't see us online, doesn't mean we're inactive - you might've just messaged us in the wrong time (and also because there's such thing as 'invisible' status on the forums where nobody can see if one is online or not). We are volunteers, we try to help whenever we have time and cannot moderate for 24/7 because of obvious reasons. We are not forced to use our Guardian accounts all the time as we want some rest using our main accounts.

        I hope you understand that we give our best to answer everyone's queries and assist the moderators to help keep the game safe.

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          ByteCode here. Firstly I'd like to thank you for caring moderation of game. I want to mention that no one of us guardians are getting paid but are community picked by Ubisoft Staff. Basically we're volunteering. However does it mean that we will go offline and can be inactive forever? No, we have been authorized responsibilities both containing forums & game before accepting the role and given powers to punish players. Note that though we're not only moderating but there's always something going on behind of the scenes that related to Growtopia.

          Guardians are part of the team and if a member of the team performs well they might get promoted to moderator. Until then, powers given to us that are very limited and are not efficient very well until a moderator reviews our punishments and give proper infractions on the account. That's also hard for a guardian to stay motivated and being under pressure of player's expectations from us guardians but we're pleased to serve you all with the abilities given to us as much as we can. We're mostly reporting illegal activities to moderators to take the best actions ASAP as our punishments are not sufficient so they won't just get away with our slight punishments but instead face with longer infractions. We're not much different than a normal player nor exactly same, it's pretty understandable that you want to see us guardians to moderate game more (that we also love to do) and rest assured we're trying our best in game and forums moderation.

          We all have main accounts and our own progress on them, both us guardians and moderator team performs well on moderating game actively. That's possible to catch all of us offline at a time though it's not something we'd refuse if you contact us on forums or somewhere to get help.
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            I don't know about you, (OP), but I'd love a Gatello sign on my board.

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            I know I shouldn't be so open like this but would you...
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              I agree. Guardians are considered baby steps to becoming possible future moderators. Yes they're volunteers but we need someone who's dedicated enough to come online to moderate the game every now and then. If they're always not available majority of the time, what makes you think they're suitable for this role?

              Like I said earlier, we all understand that guardians and mods are just volunteers but we already have too many of them. By too many, I mean too many of the ones who only do their job when they feel like it. It's time Ubisoft actually finds legitimate players who are willing to work around the clock every week. Announce the basic terms and conditions for applicants so we can find actual good guardians/mods.

              We don't need anymore "I play this game since 2013 with a good track record" guardians/mods. We need more of "I'm still committed to this game even after 5 years". Yea they have a clean record and why? Because their average playtime per week is lesser than an average active player.