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I feel really stupid.

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  • I feel really stupid.

    I made a thread similar to this a while ago, but it's of different context so I'd hope this doesnt count as spam or anything.

    So just a couple of minutes ago, supposedly an old friend of mine had logged into GT after years of being inactive. He warped to me and asked for a wl to buy farmables, which I did not have in the moment. So i offered 200 laser grids, because why not I had about 10k blocks to farm anyways. What's 200 less? Then he, with the audacity, asks for access to my world with the large pile of laser grids sitting around, promising not to take them without me knowing. Of course I am skeptical. So I decline, he then he continously begs me for the next couple minutesand telling me he has no farm world and for some reason I felt guilty. So I offered to create a farm with him. Then he admitted he had earned 6dls from casinos and I was quick to remove my access from the farm world we were about to work on as I did not want to be involved.

    So this is just what happened, but this situation is all too familiar with me. I constantly try to aid "friends" in Hope's of generating a possible friendship or bettering a currently existing one, since I dont have really anyone to talk to when I'm in the game other than one good friend who's in a completely different time zone than I am.

    I dont want to say I'm too nice, because I know I can be aggressive towards people sometimes, but when it comes to stuff like this I lose all common sense out of nowhere.
    I am probably overreacting but it has happened too many times for me.

    So just for a small appreciation post.
    My good friend JYXN, despite our friendship beginning from a business transaction, you've been very genuine with your feelings and thoughts and it feels good to talk to someone who's mind isnt all about wls. You're really chill to hang out with and you're someone who I feel is trustworthy

    Ok thanks for reading ‚ô° Have a nice day. Sorry for the nasty grammar.

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    It certainly is rough to form a friendship on a pretense of friendship, if that makes sense. The ultimate goal, unfortunately, is typically some sort of gain; not a malicious, parasitic gain, but it is how they are used to conducting themselves in the game and you just happened to be the next person they came across.

    My advice: do not help people that you are not good friends with. Being relentlessly cynical is no fun, but neither is being used. Being a good judge of character is infinitely more useful than any other skill in this game.

    If you ever need a friend, feel free to send me a message or something. I have nothing but my word, but I have never done anything shady.
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    *** concentrated yeast hell no i didnt eat that ****
    Just finished transcribing this…deliberating on whether or not to adapt it into Growtopia.
    The answer is yes and at NOTE63.

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      Same, whenever I meet new people via a deal or anything I always try to be friendly or kind so that I can or might build a friendship with them, because I'm so fking lonely in Growtopia


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        Trust me.. you're not the only one.

        I chronically trust people wayyyy too easily and get scammed every 2-4 weeks on average. (usually small amounts lol... sometimes not...)

        It's not because you're stupid, it's because you want people to be trusted so you look for the good in them. Meeting an honest person is rewarding.
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          I share the same sentiment. As someone who is relatively "rich" in the game, I like to help out my friends who may be less fortunate just to help them progress in the game. However, sometimes stuff happens and they abuse our relationship.