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Reason why I deserve to win the subscription raffle and not you

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  • Reason why I deserve to win the subscription raffle and not you

    Have you seen my pixel art?
    Ofc not, I haven't made one until now.
    I made a shirt, though it can work as a face item too.

    P.S. I would of photoshopped/cropped it onto a growtopian, but I realized it didn't fit, too lazy to remake it tho

    P.P.S. the skin color would be set to whatever color your skin is and the deeper orange would act similiar to how the skin color works, just darkened, similiar to muscle suit's pixel-interactions.

    P.P.P.S. I think I might make a whole set if I am bored.
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    did you take inspiration from the beast with a thousand eyes

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      Straight from the depths of hell
      Hey it's me


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        Wait... what.. is that?
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