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i feel bad for JAMEW7

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    Originally posted by Biboymine View Post
    imagine being happy to read the mailbox Q&A, however, the greater part of the messages are disgusting? who doesn't feel terrible? and furthermore, his face is priceless when reading the Q&A, I simply feel awful for him! he's hiding his pain in the video. see his face!
    why is people hating him? because of his Grammar? what's wrong?
    I dont hate nor like Jamew, but ive heard that he hoarded an item, Growscan, he made it rise and people is blaming him, some pros said it affected the economy


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      dont know, dont care, dont want to care
      Honestly, I feel like scam or not scam, good English or not. It isn't actually our problem u know. Suggestion is to keep out of it
      Though the MAMASB nuke was... quite bloody hell of him to do it can't agree more on that issue
      For hoarding GScans... Well if you can do it try to. Anyone can hoard stuff. why not blame those who hoarded mags or who hoarded wings like woshipaul back then its within the rules
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        Originally posted by iZage View Post
        And also how'd you know his giveaways are fake? false accusations without proof.
        He literally got warned by the Growtopia Staff that "Giveaways you advertise should actually happen"
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          Originally posted by WoodCollector View Post
          He literally got warned by the Growtopia Staff that "Giveaways you advertise should actually happen"
          LOL that was gold
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            Cuz he's a BRUH youtuber who makes BRUH contents using BRUH grammar who gets fans via BRUH 'giveaways' with BRUH effort in editing and making decent thumbnails and records on a BRUH phone(i mean atleast record on a pc lmao, he has 500k subs and proly make thousands per month but can't afford to buy and edit on a pc?)

            I literally don't even understand how he has this much subs rn lol like smh.


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              You know after that video I like him and adore him much more. Why?

              Its hard to speak a language that you are not good with
              He tries to speak english to communicate to all despite all the hardship
              He post videos to inform even if he has no idea on how to edit videos.
              He still post video even if ppl hates him and giving him a below the belt criticism.
              He never brags(untill provoked)

              Btw i only watch his videos about scams or update or new item preview but I dont watch his "1BGL SET CHALLENGE" things with a reason of I dont even have a DL to copy sets hahaha. *Dying Inside*

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                Originally posted by Epalogs View Post
                He never brags(untill provoked)
                Not sure about this. Also I remember him making a video called "Don't judge a noob" where he called traders in BUYGHC noobs to provoke him lol.


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                  Originally posted by iZage View Post
                  I agree that his giveaways are a bit suspicious but still that's not enough evidence to prove his giveaways are fake, you can clearly see when he's doing giveaways it's always randomized idk about you but I wouldn't waste 10 hours or even more of my life finding the exact Growtopian to fake my giveaway,

                  In no part of this video has he shown himself using a random comment selector. When I pointed this out, he also deleted my comment. This is a 6 rayman fist giveaway.
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                    His english, can't make a sentence without at least two mistakes. For example: "hi guyys today i gonna oppenning 100 summer surprise".

                    His harmful actions, especially about the economy.

                    Fake giveaways, especially the time he got warnage from system.

                    The "masarap" nonsense, who'd call "you are very masarap" to a random person who buys a world from him. Growtopians are not food. Plus everyone he meets tell "masarap" to him & I think it has a tactical location, when people ask stuff he says masarap so he can avoid speaking english.

                    Plus countless things, also it was discovered that he bought his account, people say that he earned "The last celebration" achievement in his summer video and I know he already earned it 2 years ago.
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                      I believe that before the video started, he asked players to roast him in the mailboxes, and ask him questions as part of the video

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