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  • Support ignoring - again!

    Once again...

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Name:	All Cases - Ubisoft Support and 1 more page - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge 7_16_2020 12_27_39 P.png
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    Has been like that. Ever since. Growtopia Support decided to ignore me. And no, "too much cases" is not an excuse.

    First, I sent an email to Support about my lost items due to rollback + my lost UT (that shouldn't have been gone due to rollback). They answered me, AFTER 1 DAY, that they won't refund items lost due to rollback, and I'm ok with that, but they also said that if there's anything I lost not due to the rollback (my UT, for example), I should email them once again. So I did it the same day I got an answer, July 5th. And, they ignored my email, like they did when I was hacked (got a response for that case only when I posted it on forums...)

    Please stop ignoring my cases, Ubisoft.

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      close your ticket and open a new one, state that you losing the UT is not due to the rollback

      and whatever you do, minimize the connection to the first ticket at all cost
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