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My seven-step building method.

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  • My seven-step building method.

    Any world of substance, to be properly understood, must be built at least seven times. Years of trial and error in world planning, first as a cub critic at World Showcase , the sub-forum of the Growtopia Forums, where I often hung out in, then for various imprints, journals, ‘zines,’ and an experimental two-month stint as the world critic for the Harvey Builds catalog, have allowed me to perfect my building technique.

    It has been a hard-won battle for dominance over the form. Let me explain:

    The first building is to be accomplished utilizing only the right hemisphere, the so-called intuitive brain center. Years of practice have allowed me to allow the world to wash over me. I remove my critic ‘hat’—you know all about hats!—and build the world as a layperson might, that is without accessing the enormous library of world building history within the very center of my brain center, without searching for the builder’s world references or ‘echoes,’ as some might call them. That type of building will come later. For now I am Joe Everyman or Everywoman or Everython. This go-through I refer to as the Nameless Ape Experience, named thusly for an ape’s lack of intellectualism and ego and thon’s unrestrained savage passion. In the end, ‘feeling’ the world must come first and is perhaps the most essential building. So Step One: Yes, this world causes me to weep uncontrollably or to laugh uncontrollably or to ponder uncontrollably.

    Step Two: why? In this second building, I doff my Nameless Ape ‘hat’ and put on my psychologist’s ‘hat,’ which is not a literal hat—hence my air quotes—but rather an attitude or approach toward the world, although I do, for the sake of full separation of the buildings, imagine myself in various hats during this process. The psychologist ‘hat’ I see as a sort of modified trilby, since du Maurier’s novel is at least in part about human psychology. I have often said that I am both Trilby and Svengali and yet, at the same time, I am neither, but rather du Maurier himself. Ah-ha! This ‘why’ building requires me to dig deep into my own psyche and find my personal connections to the world. How is this world about me? I must ask. This is perhaps the most essential building.

    Step Three is how. Here is where I tap into my vast world building knowledge to explore how the builder achieved his/her/thon’s results. What does that ‘pan’ signify? How is that ‘cloud’ essential? Why a ‘hill’ here? I also examine ‘juxtaposition,’ ‘mise-en-scène,’ ‘blocking,’ and ‘dance numbers’ to determine how these and other building techniques forced me to cry, laugh, or ponder uncontrollably in the aforementioned Nameless Ape building—which, remember, was Step One. In addition, here is where I take note of the builder’s references to other worlds. In the case of a Harvey or Fredi, this will be a massive undertaking, so encyclopedic are their knowledges of the form. Granted, I am not a great admirer of Harvey’s oeuvre, as his infatuation with a false, stereotypical British culture as well as his adolescent obsession with violence leave me cold. He is, however, expert in devising unusual building ‘angles,’ most notably the astounding ‘trunk shot,’ which is known as the ‘boot shot’ in the UK, the ‘coiffre de voiture shot’ in France, and the ‘suitcase bin shot’ in American Samoa.

    Step Four: backward building. Designed to build the world as a ‘non-narrative avant-garde experiment in a foreign language.’ In other words, it allows me to build the world as a pattern of images unencumbered by meaning. This is my chance to see the world as a purely aesthetic construction. The human animal has it programmed into his/her/thon’s DNA to ask why. The “assignment of causality is hardwired into our brains. But ‘why’ is undoubtedly only a human construct. It is my belief that why is not an independent feature of the universe. The universe does not have questions. The universe does not wonder how a microwave works. The universe simply is. So by removing narrative, the concept of causality, the why is removed, the assumed order is removed, and the world can be built—at least it is my hope—as it is built by the universe itself.

    Step Five: upside down. We as Growtopians take gravity for granted, I think you’ll agree. Perhaps this is true in other cultures; I do not feel qualified to say. But here gravity is just whatever: Stuff falls, get used to it. By ignoring its effects on us and on the physical world, we ignore its effects on our psyches. Upside-down building allows me to focus on that aspect of a world. Some world builders don’t consider gravity any more than the average Growtopian does, but in a precious few cases—Apatow!—we get to witness a world builder grappling with gravity in every frame.

    After the upside-down building, in Step Six, I build the world one more time in a conventional manner to cement my reaction and to establish the world’s ranking—if any—on my many lists: best worlds of the year, best worlds of the decade, best worlds of the century, best worlds of all time. It is a terribly time-intensive task, but necessary. Without these lists by truly educated critics, laypeople would find themselves at the mercy of WOTD marketeers and celebrity sycophants.

    The seventh step is to not build the world. This is the seven-step method toward a clear-eyed building of any world.
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      I am really craving some pad thai.


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        Yes. .
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          My 2 step building method:

          1) place a bunch blocks

          2) if the structure looks bad - destroy it
          If it looks good - be proud of it
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            my building method:

            1. SqUaRe

            2. ReCtAnGlE

            3. WaLlS

            Ubisoft < UGTeam .

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              I gave structure to my text: it is now perhaps easier to comprehend and read.


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                thanks for adding paragraphs...Now its more organised and structured and aesthetically pleasant..I will definitely read this seemsinteresting since i am not a builder myself

                Also I know my Name is Garbage xD


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                  Time to win ten more WOTDs with this advice…and by ten more I mean my first ten…and by first ten I mean finishing even one of the ten worlds I have mostly complete but not entirely finished.

                  Solid advice though.

                  TL;DR for everyone: wear hats = more WOTD
                  Originally posted by tson
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                  Just finished transcribing this…deliberating on whether or not to adapt it into Growtopia.
                  The answer is yes and at NOTE63.

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                    I ought to mention that the text was modified from Charlie Kaufman’s recently released novel Antkind.


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