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  • Official Growtopia Facebook page!

    Check it out!
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Very nice,easier to keep track of what's happening. Mobile game gameplay,Reviews and Unboxings. { INACTIVE }

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    Cybernectic Arm.

    Mobcrush channels: Growtopia/i20hh


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      Oohh. Thanks for clarifying. So there's two imposters! Atleast you got the proper Facebook link.
      I'm sure if you keep posting updates people will be able to tell which is the official page.
      Hope you keep us up to date every now and then with what's happening

      Edit- I'm talking to one of the other growtopia page owners now, he changed the description to fan page, his page was never a problem, he never claimed to be the official page.. It's the other one that was being an idiot claiming to be the developer and what not. This other kid seems pretty cool.. Just a fan of GT, harmless.
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        Haha, nice! I've already liked the page (and added a few comments). Are the mods going to be admins for the page, where they sign their name at the bottom, hah?