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Pegasus Wing will rise or drop?

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  • Pegasus Wing will rise or drop?

    Will pegasus wing rise or drop in the future? I thought because it was no longer available that it will rise but it dropped 40 wl ever since August started
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    A lot of people grabbed the wings from the store because of how neat they looked. It kind of tanked their price (supply & demand), but I feel like as with any item that's unique and limited - it'll eventually rise.


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      It'll be like Razor Wings 2.0. They'll slowly rise and eventually drop over time. But that's just a theory. A price theory. Thanks for reading.
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        gonna take a long time to rise "a little".. peobably gonna be similar ro razor

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          likely rise after 3 months predicted maybe

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            it rised when its the last days of july cuz people thought it will rise the moment it hits aug but it did not, thats why the people are selling it but no one buys so they keep droppin the price till someone buys, domino effect the buyers buy for less the sellers sell for more, the desperate sells for the buyers and thus lowering the price

            its 120 during 31 and now its around 80, you only need 1 for a collection but people thought its gonna skyrocket in price cuz how big the wings are
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