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I need help,if i forget my password at item Safe Vault,what i do now?

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  • I need help,if i forget my password at item Safe Vault,what i do now?

    What i do now if i forget my password at safe vault?
    at my world (VIXHIGT) have safe vault
    and in safe vault have 50-70wls (maybe)

    do you can help me how to know password safe vault,if i forget that?😕

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    ofc you need to go to Forget Password embedded link and type out your email address and your username, if you forget also your username you can go to Forget Username embedded link just type your email there, log-on to gmail, click the link and then you can replace your password

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      Why don't you write it on your notepad? Make sure only you can see the note.
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        You can contact support but I think it's unlikely that they will help you.

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          Do you remember what you used for the recovery answer? If you know what it is, you can type that in the designated spot and you'll be able to access the safe vault again - but be aware that this unprotects the vault, and you will need to reset it.

          If you don't know what the recovery answer is, you will need to reach out to support in order to access the vault again. Be sure to give as much information as possible, and use an Ubisoft account using the same email you use in-game.

          You can contact support here.
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