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Surgery Simulator - Remastered

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  • Surgery Simulator - Remastered

    Let's try Surgery Simulator
    Remastered by ASR Game, Recomended if u want Learn Surgery or Try Surgery.
    free, without downloading the app, no phishing, the same as in real gt, no viruses. Not bad for learning or trying.
    May be useful.

    ~ Can Choose Disease / Case
    ~ Can Set Your Own Skill
    ~ All diseases are available
    ~ Unlimited Tools
    ~ Without downloading the App
    ~ Free
    New Update:
    ~ All Types of Malady
    ~ New Theme
    ~ Prize Addition
    ~ Added the name of the tool
    ~ This website does not contain phishing elements
    ~ This website has no element of fraud
    ~ This website does not contain viruses
    ~ This website has no download link

    For Mobile Users, you can activate the Desktop Site / Landspace Rotation
    Come visit! link :
    Website Preview :

    Youtuber Review :
    ASR Game
    Try it Now World Search Engine!

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    Um virustotal says this got Clean MX which by my knowledge is something u use to download malware

    ( dont quote me on this, google said it is )

    it also has Comodo Valkyrie Verdict which Virustotal says is a malware but google says its an antivirus software of some sorts idk

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      Make it a discord bot or smthn, i believe no one but little kids will trust your website..
      IGN: LimeChicken

      @limechickengt on Instagram.


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        There is no virus on the website, because the Surgery Simulator does not have to be downloaded, it can be played directly on the website.
        ASR Game
        Try it Now World Search Engine!