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  • Need help with a shirt

    SOOO.....Saw this person yesterday in buyghc, don't remember the name but it starts with Non or Nan( since we cant single out people I think i can say the first 3 letters at least?). She was wearing rose hairpin, red silk skirt and a red croptop/dress like thing. NEVER seen it before, it isn't the stylin/fashionable dresses nor it is much-too-small red shirt. It was similar to much too small but it had a texture like thing infront. Before I could asked, she left.Anyone have any ideas what that was? If you know her as a friend can you dm me on my insta or in game so I can ask about it. Thankssss!!
    (looked into wiki,spritesheet and even camped at buyghc for 6hrs ytd but she never came back.)

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    Never heard of that. Maybe she had the much-too-small red shirt but she had a necklace or some chest item that made it look like that?


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      Ehhh... from what I have know so far, nothing about a neck item did that, its a shirt on its own apparently(?)

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    You can try to find the item here

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      Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
      You can try to find the item here
      I appreciate the help, unfortunately still unable to find that dreess/shirt😔 gonna keep finding it


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        Red Sportsball Jersey? Idk but this is what came to my mind based on your description.

        Otherwise, have you tried looking around on this site?


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot (252).png
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ID:	6881367So...... I have found the answer, and i am EMBARASSED. Much-too-small Red with Super Logo Leaf was the answer.

          Thanks to all that tried to help me :'D
          Now imma hhide in a corner cos I deada** thought it was an actual shirt


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            Lol, okey nice that you found it.