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  • Appeal to paying attention

    One of the things I've noticed that seems to be exclusive to the growtopian forum, but not discord (at least the two servers I frequent) is low quality posts.

    People post their opinion without comprehending someones arguments and staying on topic.
    ​They will just dish out their strawman argument because they think they have an opinion, but are actually completely inept of any productive discussion, because they simply didn't want to bother their brain.

    ​​​​​​Often people don't bother reading more than the title, or first few sentences, which im my opinion is not only extremely disrespectful, but also disruptive to the topic at hand and should be treated as such.

    This behavior is not necessarily exclusive to one-shot, or generally younger, or newer members, but it's something that can be seen from moderators and developers as well.
    Threads with different purposes about a similar topic (eg. update discussion) get squashed into some mega thread junk, making all discussion impossible.
    ​If you've read this far you're probably part of the ten percent that actually do care. So to you my appeal, please call out people that shitpost (in an objective and polite manner) to get them to change their behaviour. Behave like an adult.
    ​​It'll cause a bit of drama, but it's the only way to improve the forums quality. Currently, like the game itself, it's like a rotting zombie.