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make pcats a moderator or a community manager

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      no no no no no
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        No offence to him but no.
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          We all know that Pcats has no Interest at working for growtopia, he's already good at streaming which he loved

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            Originally posted by DeLixx View Post
            He'd likely turn into a celebrity-moderator-mascot like the first generation of moderators, which I'd very much detest.​​​​
            I'm curious as to why you'd detest that. They were fairly competent, and it was nice having moderators actually interact with the community.


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              My short answer. No.
              My long answer. No because of this things
              1. He used Growtopia for money.
              2. He had been gone for ages and now, Growtopia had changed alot.
              3. I don't see any passion from him playing Growtopia.
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                Here's my opinion about this topic.

                Sure PCATS is a trustworthy player but I do agree that he lacks experience, well as a player he is average.
                There are a lot of things a person must do or have to become worthy of having powers in this game, and being famous and trustworthy is just a fraction of what you need to be.
                Factors like time or mental and physical health are also needed to become one.

                I just can't imagine what hate the moderators and devs receive from the community, and I don't think anyone from the team likes that considering the time and energy they spend every day to moderate the game.

                If being a content creator is time-consuming and will get you under pressure sometimes, then being a moderator will add to that. Your mental health is much more important than a status in a game. And you know what, if Chris gets the opportunity to become one of the team, I bet he'll turn it down as being a content creator can sometimes be stressful, and adding the stress of being a moderator can totally ruin you.

                My opinion might not be 100% accurate BUT one thing for sure is that it is stressful to become a moderator while being a content creator.
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                  Originally posted by m456 View Post

                  I'm curious as to why you'd detest that. They were fairly competent, and it was nice having moderators actually interact with the community.
                  In short some moderators abused their fame for personal gain.
                  I'd rather not spread rumors so I won't go into specific events.


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                    Is that an assumption? I don't think there was any that actually did that.

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                  Originally posted by isnov View Post
                  just an opinion, what do you guys think?
                  Should pcats become a moderator or a community manager?
                  Hey hey!

                  I don't think Pcats should be a moderator or community manager. This is because Pcats took a big break from Growtopia and he just came back as a content creator recently. Furthermore, Pcats is very lost in terms of what is going on with the game. Just because someone is a big youtuber it doesn't mean they should be granted such position like a moderator. Or even a higher position, being a Community Manager. Remember, these are just my thoughts!
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                    No just no please

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                      He was offered the position by Sethmumu and he declined
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