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returning player from 2015 (need some advice)

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  • returning player from 2015 (need some advice)

    I've started playing Growtopia since 2013 and quitted on 2015. Today, I downloaded back Growtopia and play for awhile, this game is getting so complicated now.
    Also, there is a gems pack that cost 24.99USD and offer 1.6m gems for level 50+ player.
    I am planning to buy that pack and instantly get 1.6m gems cause I am level 50+, so what's the best way to earn wls with gems now?
    also any start off tips for returning player? i have nothing left cause i gave away everything when i quit

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    to earn gems right now you need to bfg and there is also alot of new popular farmables,like laser grid, pepper and fish tanks. chandelier is now also cheap.
    if you dont know what bfg is,
    bfg stands for break for gems which is you'll break some blocks but you only get gems not the seed nor the block.
    and the games' pretty messed up right now
    especially the casinos, try to avoid them. going to casino worlds might get you banned.

    and there is a LOT of updates happened

    so i just wanna say good luck and be safe out there. k bye
    ign: thiel
    discord: thiel4usgt#4108
    ig: thiel4us
    donate in thieldonate
    sry if mi bad english


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      okay thanks for advice.
      btw can u tell me whats the best items to spend with my gems to convert into wls? instead of just buying wls 2000 gems each.

    • Thiel4us
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      number buy packs or invest some event items

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    I buy RSP if you're interested.
    IGN: HartAmara
    Discord: HartAmara#9366

    Buying List:


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      how to sell RSP?

    • HartAmara
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      Empty your backpack (you need at least 200 slots), buy RSP from the store and drop the seeds in a world. Then sell the world.

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    number You can find customers in forums buy & sell subforum and get best buyer offers and then decide what packs you want deliver. Gem economy has crashed as you maybe noticed so profit is less now than it was in past, but same time, it is easier to earn wls now than in past.
    Level: 125
    My first farm:CHLOESCASTLE
    Guild home: QUEENSGUILD
    Instagram: QueenChloeGT
    How we could fix famable economy: OPEN LINK HERE


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      socializing went brrrrrr