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Growtopia in 2021

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  • Growtopia in 2021

    I still wonder what's like?
    let's guess shall we?
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    Similiar to 2020, hope to get more content updates, more spliceable items and less new event features.
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      The few events that are left will be turned into gambling events, more cool items, maybe less players (this year the players count was pretty good). About forums: if they don't do anything to advertise or enhance the forum user base, it will die. Since 2020 I've noticed a big drop of forum activity (been roaming around the forums w/out an account since late 2017).


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        A lot more in app purchases - so many more CSN/QQ whatever the hell it's called worlds being displayed on your random world- no real progress on the market and new items that can bring something different other than having to pay 10$ for these new special items.

        No commitment to change the servers so expect a lot more crashes, a lot more going into maintenance and especially a lot more bugs being exploited by people and in ways that ruins the community i.e. duplicating things and selling them cheap and having to rollback losing all progression.

        I have seen Growtopia go from this loving game I would spend my entire time playing to this horrible pay to win game- if that's not enough Support does not help Growtopians out either completely ignores you or because you have no relevancy just does nothing.

        Yes this is some sort of rant.

        Fix 'your game' Ubisoft.


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          Super Duper GBC, $15 in store for a 5% chance of GHC
          :hat​​​​:Greetings, fellow forumer!


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            I actually feel positive about this year, it has been a while since Ubisoft has acquired Growtopia and now they understand how game works better than ever.
            This is gonna age like milk isn't it...


            • bus16
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              Yes.Yes it will.

            • MathTheNight
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              But mostly I think they bought this game cheap and probably are trying to get their money back using inapp purchases by making other content creators make the .gif animated pixel-bited items that would encourage users to buy 200k worth of gems and then buy iotm at first day of month to get more world locks and probably encourage Ubisoft to send more things like Rift Capes or more