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I'm really mad right now

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  • I'm really mad right now

    I've been tracking the daily challenge since the start of December just waiting for it to be fish frenzy. Every single day (except the days where it was guaranteed to be something else) I'd stay up or be up by the time the daily challenge would start to see if it would be fish frenzy, but it was always just chemical conundrum and malady mash, along with some others that happened only like once. Then today, the only day that I lost track of time, is the day that the daily challenge is fish frenzy. I was 26 minutes late. I fished for 30 minutes despite that to do some math, and I found I would've been in the top three, more than likely first place too. I'm so pissed that I lost track of time. God I'm in such dejection right now.

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    hi really mad now im capt
    *Insert interesting signature here*


    • ArtloS
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      Hi Capt, I'm Artlos.

    • Jedaki
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      when you see a thread and click on it just to comment something but see that it is the already first reply

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    Originally posted by LilCapt View Post
    hi really mad now im capt
    I'm sorry but I laughed at this unfunny joke
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    • LilCapt
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      HAH finally someone laughed at that bad dad joke thank you

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    Originally posted by Deftera View Post

    I'm sorry but I laughed at this unfunny joke
    We all have a terrible sense of humour.


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      I thought daily challenge were supposed to be random, but it seems like the system only like chemical conundrum and malady mash. I guess I'll stop being a fisherman and become a doctor.
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      • JustATomat
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        Thats what my father told me to do too

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      Nvm I got first place today I'm happy now


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        lucky you are not waiting for star strife and chef showdown
        Daily Challenge Possibilities : ‚Äč


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          cool thing im not a supporter


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            Its just a battle of RNG why would you be so hyped up about it?


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              This seems very important to you....

              oh well
              Remarkably Unfunny and Stupid