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How have you changed throughout your gameplay?

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  • How have you changed throughout your gameplay?

    Me back then: A self-proclaimed (salty and immature) savior of the GT community who strives to purify the community of toxicities, becoming toxic myself in return

    Me now: I hate everyone, I don't care what happens to them
    IGN: Deftera
    Just a Touhou fan and otaku
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    Me before: I always wanted to make wls and profit, always came up with different methods
    Me now: I'm too lazy and demotivated to farm, I spent all my wls on set and collection world, I rarely play gt and only write in forums
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      Surprisingly, not much.


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        Not so much my gameplay but the way i acted. Ive mostly been a ”solo” player and earned my wls through farming and spent a lot of time on that and trade worlds. I do honestly not want to remember what the 12 year old version of me has written on this account

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        Thank you Sherlock, Very cool!


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          Me before: Haha play Growtopia like normal player, farm, mass, profit
          Me now: Growtopia only for content, I just need to profit just to pay workers

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            before: a farming enthusiast, usually spend time on farming to get wls.
            now: usually spend time playing parkours
            IGN: meramipop
            i like anime yes

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              Me back then : Noob lmao noob lmao noob, bro.. why did u betray me u pig?, F you lol go cry.

              Me now: Hi pls donate me, also me : inactive


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                Me before: An active masser, greedy for wls willing to do anything to get them (i mean yes, everything, except casino. I also hacked my cousin but returned his wls), donate to other, spread the love and kindness.

                Me now: I hate breaking blocks, learned for not being a greedy sh*t, don't care about other except my closest gt friend.


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                  Hmmph, that’s a pretty tough one it’s been 8 years! I’d say in the very beginning for me 2013-2014 I was concerned with building an image and gaining respect of my peers. Be it, by earning WOTD’s, owning the nicest rates at the time etc. The positive reinforcement was like a drug to me tbh. Probably stemmed from self worth issues irl.

                  Now essentially I play in solitude as all of my friends are long inactive, no longer desperate for that acknowledgement I can enjoying doing things I like. I.e building worlds, quizzes, and trading.
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                    Before: hang out in the pets section of FAMILYADOPTIONS all day and make hundreds of friends
                    Now: warp to friends and afk there until they leave


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                      Me back then: I'll just farm until I get rich and make some good WOTD.
                      Me now: Nah, I'll just afk 24 hours in the game.
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                        Me before: i see ppl, i must go talk, they must be nice!
                        me now: Ah ppl, must hide, they only want scam me, or they want donations.

                        Back when i was new in this game i had no idea that there is so toxic ppl out there. I lived in my own life in the bubble and no one is toxic for me in real life ever, so gt has been very different experience than anything else in my life before. But still, there is more positive ppl than evil, so i do love this game even when i mostly assume that ppl just want something from me if they come to talk with me.