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  • Beware of this person

    IGN : - , her world (only one i know) : - , her IG : - so i've just been scammed 1 dl worth of set by her(doesn't means alot to me) but here is how she did it: I met her few days ago, we talked alot to know each other, and today she said she wanna borrow my set for ig picture, since i know her ig and some personal info, i wanna try to see what she will do, because since i know her ig etc, i can easily expose her. and yes it went as what i think would happen lmao.She also tried to scam my antigravity gen by saying she need it so she can get better shot . Well yea my english suck hope you understand and stay away from this girl , growtopia community is so bad right now
    Last edited by Elbanna; 01-21-2021, 12:25 AM. Reason: Singling out is illegal

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    Lets make one thing clear, i bet that it's he, not she. U basically let boy scam u, with pretty girl pic. About 99% girl scammers in game are boys. Number might be even higher tbh. So rule number 1 with girls in gt: If they ask items, don't trust! Rule number 2, if they have nothing to lose, don't trust! She has almost no followers in ig, so she can close that fake ig acc and open another one and she loses NOTHING. So yeah. Next time, assume that girl who wants be ur friend is boy, who wants scam u and u will be fine.


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      source for statistics please

    • QueenChloe
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      source: My experience for 3 years in this game lmao

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      "99% girl scammers in game are boys"

      damn i feel offended and i dont even play.

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    Singling == Illegal
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      there is singling player among us

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        Originally posted by Apen3056 View Post
        there is singling player among us
        lets vote him out!


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          Red is always Sus!

          Level 75/125


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            We do our best to help all players have a better gaming experience, though unfortunately there are players who want to ruin the fun for others, and with a fairly small team it's pretty much impossible to get to everyone.
            My advice would be to /ignore them and report to us. By giving bullies attention, you're just giving them what they want.

            One more thing; This site isn't a place for reports. Singling out is against the forum rules, and therefore I've removed the pictures. You can /msg a guardian (or for more serious cases a mod) if you encounter bullying/hate speech in game.


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              Originally posted by Apen3056 View Post
              there is singling player among us
              Pretty sure it's plural.


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                This is out of the topic but I'll remind you that single out someone's name on the forums is not allowed.

                Okay. So, don't trust everyone on the game. Borrowing your items mean you're ready to lost your items. Just remember that, I hope you got my point.


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                  there is a easy way to prevent these types of scams just keep in mind that there couldn't be a pretty girl playing gt of all things its scientifically impossible


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                    did u know that 41 of all gamers are female
                    2020 statistics ^^

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                    Ty, i am ugly.. nice... XD Or does this only mean really girls, not woman?

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                  Well didn't know singling was illegal, i'm sorry just wanna let everyone know


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                    As mentioned previously - singling out is indeed illegal.

                    Closing thread.
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